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My Darkorbit Stats:

Server: Global Europe 5
Level: 20
EXP: 2.538.858.484
Honor: 3.280.752
RP: 122.460
Days of register: 724 *-*
Date of register: 29-02-2016


I'm happy to say, the production of our animation be continued. So, some people ask me "can you show us your progress?" Yes. We going to made a website, where you can see our progress of animation. So please patient, we don't know how long we need for the website.

Best Regards,

Some Infos about me:
Name: Liam
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Location: Germany
Languages: German & English
Favorite Games: Dead By Daylight, Friday the 13th, GTA Online, Call of Duty WW 2, Overwatch, Hero Zero

Some Animation Releases:
1st Animation - 1st quarter 2019

My programs wich i use for my animations:
-Blender (for animations, rendering etc)
-Adobe Photoshop 2018 (some pictures for the animation)
-McPrep (for export/import my build-scenes to blender)
-Vegas Pro 15 (for the final editing)
-Celtx & Adobe Story Plus (for storyboard, screenplay, scripts etc)
-Adobe After Effects 2018 & Premiere Pro 2018 (special effects for the animation)
-Adobe Audition 2018 & Audacity (for audio/sfx etc)

If you need any help or tips of using this programs contact me :)

Find me here also: : soon
Uplay: Donee98
Osu!: Liam1804 : Donee

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