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Who am I? I'm a male, 16 years old guy who lives in Italy. I love technology: planes, ships, computers, buildings and engineering. But, my favourite things are weapons. Yes, namely, guns. Out of those, rifles. Operating, cleaning, adjusting, even studying how a weapon works is fascinating for me. Because of the restricting laws regarding gun control in Italy, i have to do all this virtually, but i went sometimes to firing ranges which are open to teens under some rare circumstances in which I am :D. I always loved gaming, I started with a PSX when i was 5, then i had an XBOX360, that i still have, and roughly six years ago i bought The Orange Box that made me know Steam and officially started my pc gaming experience. Now I have 100+ games and a lot of friends to play with, slowly building a reputation on Steam. My favourite game is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and I usually play shooting games, but i actually like a lot of genres. I remember the time spent playing Toca Race Driver with my dad years ago, and now i play some other non shooting games, even if most of the time you will see me playing Helldivers or Paladins ;). If you wanna play with me, you can, just let me know who you are, because my account was already almost stolen once, and i don't want that to happen again, so, read these rules before friending me: if you send me a link within two days i will report you, unless i already knew you, and don't friend me if you only want to trade (I like skins, but i collect them and i don't trade them unless i have doubles.) or if you have a private profile. And no, i'm not an otaku nor a fan of japan subculture. In fact, i'm a fan of the Yurop and 'Murica! PRAISE THE NATO!

Two bombs weren't enough!

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✪ H1tScAn_LΣO9999 ✪ Nov 13 @ 11:01pm 
Oh sorry! We'll intervene once possible. Wait for our M1A2s to bring democracy to those nazis. If you see a Bradley IFV down the road near your home, don't worry! It will bring democracy to those battered lands!
✪WarWolf Woo✪ Nov 13 @ 6:52pm 
✪WarWolf Woo✪ Oct 24 @ 10:21pm 
yos pls
✪ H1tScAn_LΣO9999 ✪ Oct 24 @ 10:00pm 
But i still think i can answer that >:)
✪WarWolf Woo✪ Oct 24 @ 6:27pm 
How to kill fat North Korean Kid named Kim

Wait this isn't google
✪ H1tScAn_LΣO9999 ✪ Oct 23 @ 2:20am 
"Two bombs weren't enogh"
"Praise the NATO"

"Dirty Weeb"