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Do you need to know?   Australia
Eyo, I’m 17 and have a Deep Voice..........Yeeeeeup.........
(If you have anything you would like me to voice, please contact me on steam).

Actual Info down bellow (5th Sentence and beyond).

Profile Picture: Bigby Wolf (The Wolf Among Us)
I couldn't think of a better name :sadpanda:
Fun fact about me: I aim to become a Voice Actor for video games and animations in the future so you might find me coming onto servers and speaking all spooky 'n' shit. Hope you like it.

Hello, it seams you may have stumbled onto my steam profile page, well good for you sonny because you are sure a champion. Now listen up kiddo.......

What do I do on this account?:
- Play games I own/ have bought
- I used to Trade but I'm not really selling my items at the moment (So please don't ask for them:claugh:)
- Wonder around this wonderful game community and meet nice/mean peps
- Explore the many other varieties of functions this site has and ''dress up'' my profile as characters or idol figures from games or series that i fancy :MrFoster::Owl::wolf::spycon::Kenny::alyx:
So those are some things to begin with of what i do with my well worked on account. I also love gaming as much as the next guy which is something you've probably heard over 1 million times but its true....Its a hobby that I favor greatly and honestly, I love to meet new people who are kind and respectful to play with other than typical D-bags who are just a white noise in the mist of fucks I could not give. I usually add people who I have played with and built a friendly relationship with, some traders and people I know face to face or I.R.L (In real life). That is all I've got to say for now Thanks ^_^ :Y::A::Y::claugh::demoticon::alyx: (Oh wait here is a tip, I often change names and avatars so give me a nick name. It will help u).
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MrGhostToast Mar 18 @ 2:45pm 
This man has the best voice of all of the Team Fortress community
Just Bob. Mar 7 @ 11:45am 
Take drugs kids.
The Neat King Mar 3 @ 7:16pm 
Number 15
Darkness Mar 2 @ 2:20pm 
I'm the sheriff, and I'm looking for the woodsman !!
EonDynamo Mar 2 @ 10:43am 
Adding for voicework opportunity
DinkyDonk Mar 1 @ 1:53am 
Truly The best man on steam