Mach den Goyard auf und schau mir dabei in die Augen
Hier dreht sich alles nur ums eine
Dicke Titten, enge Muschi, Blaselippen, lange Beine

Geld ist die Sprache - Der Grund, warum ihr alle Dolmetscher braucht

#Breiter als der Türsteher#
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I swear on me mum
I don’t usually accept random friend requests, as I often get added by scammers. At the time of writing, I have tagged over 200 people who have attempted to scam me.
Please don’t add me without leaving a comment, whether it’s on my steam profile, or on the page, thread, or trade you found my profile from.
If I can’t find a reason for your friend request, I may decline it, or block you on steam.

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I will never do real money trades using accounts other than the ones mentioned in my reputation thread linked above.
I can read and understand Russian, but I would prefer not to speak or do any deals in Russian.

How to identify the real scorer:
My Steam URL is
The badge on my steam profile is “Boss,” the level 3 Saint’s Row: The Third badge
I have over 5000 hours logged in Dota 2.
And a sick wall with my name written in steam emoticons.


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Dogus Feb 5 @ 5:10am 
+rep faggot
scorer Jan 30 @ 2:17am 
Haha thanks
glad to read something positive from time to time :) But you did great too bro
✪ Railey Jones Jan 29 @ 10:18pm 
awesome supp bro ^^
Klaus Brüning Jan 18 @ 9:41am 
Immer diese Scheiß OPskins scammer :D geh arbeiten du Depp :D
Klaus Brüning Jan 18 @ 9:40am 
scorer Dec 26, 2016 @ 4:04pm 
You must be a real perv if you imagine me fapping while I am away. Shame on you Pandora!!