## Leaf (16 sets for 1 key)
Maple Leaf   Canada
Welcome to Leaf Card BOT.
In non-Steam game
16 card sets for 1 CS:GO key
BOT Command List - write everything in steam chat window

!check - returns number of badges that you can craft from cards that the BOT has in inventory

!buy [number of keys] - requesting trade offer for [number of keys] (in example !buy 5) .

!level [dream level] - calculate easily how many experience you need for dream level

!help - list of all BOT commands

How to level up fast?

1. Go to your personal level page here
2. Select badge that you can craft. When you press craft press F5 to skip animations.


The BOT cant send you offer if your inventory is set to private.
The BOT cant send you offer if you cant trade (i.e. you changed e-mail address recently)
The BOT has some limits including maximum number of keys that you can use to trade at one trade (currently 75 keys per trade).
The BOT can automatically remove you after 48 hours without a trade.
If your trade for some reason got rejected try to request it again after 1-2 minutes. Some large trades need a couple minutes to be processed and the processing time is outside of BOT's control.
If you want to buy using multiple offers it is important, that you use all cards from first offer before you request another one.
The BOT accepts all CS:GO keys (no capsule keys).
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## Leaf (16 sets for 1 key) Aug 20 @ 11:43am 
If you want to contact moderator please use Group Forum Thread http://steamcommunity.com/groups/leafcardbot/discussions/1/133262848300921734/
## Leaf (16 sets for 1 key) Apr 18 @ 10:20am 
@♛mipeR♛ your keys are not tradeable
♛mipeR♛ Apr 18 @ 9:59am 
i cant trade with you, i have the keys but you say i dont have any one
Dorothy・West Apr 18 @ 9:29am 
✪Pedrinhoo❤ Apr 18 @ 8:38am 
An error occurred while getting commenting on your profile.
## Leaf (16 sets for 1 key) Apr 18 @ 5:31am 
@AAndr3 I just restarted the BOT, it works fine now