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Frag movie #1
atheney - "breaking up with my gf to play more tf2 with u"
atheney - "its actually sad how retarded we are"

*DEAD* Skill & Luck [PL] : lardox=shit
Skill & Luck [PL] : lardox=shit
(Voice) lardox: Thanks!
*DEAD* anthony05 : fuck lardox
Skill & Luck [PL] : lardox=shit
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bye, hello
chicken peperoni<3

AMS: im so good, i can both get fucked and fuck others at the same time
Éire Josh: get some gamesense kid
K! damneasy: i wish there was a bind to make tryhards uninstall
nation! * lämpömittari : i hope someone just saw how fucked i got right there
(TEAM) lardox back : [P-REC] Bookmark.
lardox back: <:
nation! * lämpömittari : lft
шářħųŕƴǝǟȟ.ԍԍ: i dont get mad at people that tries
шářħųŕƴǝǟȟ.ԍԍ: but i do get mad a tryharders like lardox
lardox merc: :(
шářħųŕƴǝǟȟ.ԍԍ: ...
Thaigrr: crushed ams
amppis * vihta : he's open lmao
Thaigrr: like ur mums legs
amppis * vihta : fuck off
--------------------------------------------- : go casino nerd
*DEAD* CEᵛǝℕ ⓩ : lardox is hacking haccking
*DEAD* mO. 17 : no
*DEAD* CEᵛǝℕ ⓩ : !contactadmin
*DEAD* CEᵛǝℕ ⓩ : !votekick
*DEAD* CEᵛǝℕ ⓩ : !voteban
*DEAD* CEᵛǝℕ ⓩ : fuck you lardox..
Amarok : !rcon kick lardox
anthony05 : you mam said last night that i was the best she had lardox
omar23 - Medic : WE R NOT READY
omar23 - Medic : !notready
Moore changed team state to Not Ready
oddit : oh my god, did you guys see that sick 8 k
oddit : i wonder why he isn't plat yet
oddit : oh my god
oddit : don't you guys think he's like the best
FlexPlays : why can you fly?
mO. 17 : rocket jump?
FlexPlays : say ples
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lardox (Erlend) (Score:20) defeats silentes (Score:16) in duel to 20 on Badlands Middle

lardox (Erlend) (Score:5) defeats Éire Josh (Score:3) in duel to 5 on Endif

lardox mix/merc? (Score:20) defeats nation! merc (Score:17) in duel to 20 on Gullywash Middle

lardox mix/merc? (Score:20) defeats amppis * vihta (Score:14) in duel to 20 on Badlands Spire

lardox mix/merc? (Score:20) defeats damneasy (Score:15) in duel to 20 on Badlands Middle

lardox mix/merc? (Score:5) defeats K! adysky (Score:4) in duel to 5 on No Splash

kaptain (Score:20) defeats lardox mix/merc? (Score:18) in duel to 20 on Granary Middle

usman bobo (Score:20) defeats lardox lft mid (Score:19) in duel to 20 on Badlands spire
usman bobo (alle), Se7en, Season 26, Premiership

newborn popcorn <3

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L4T3 May 4 @ 8:44am 
Can u mentor me please i got fresh meat game in 2d's ★ Apr 19 @ 11:01am 
your a great player and I would like to have you on my friends list
kekvl Feb 18 @ 5:12pm 
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added because I like to add pro players
Okurka Nov 17, 2016 @ 12:36pm 
Just wanted to let u know, that ur my fav Youtuber, lardox.