intellectual heavyweight
kure   Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
12:33 AM - fk: DANG heck ur right manlet

will merc any class, any format, any division. (except pyro or engie)

11:27 PM - fk: amazing
11:27 PM - fk: that you have come to this conclusion
11:27 PM - kr: do u know
11:27 PM - kr: what else conclusion
11:27 PM - kr: i have come to
11:27 PM - kr: i love you
11:27 PM - fk: i love u?
11:28 PM - fk: IUDSJGB
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intellectual heavyweight Aug 15 @ 7:50am 
yea its where ur mum is from lol ol o lo l ol o ol o ol. l l l ll l
the memester Aug 15 @ 7:24am 
hey myles can you tell me about the dinosaur age
glz Aug 15 @ 4:09am 
intellectual heavyweight Aug 15 @ 2:42am 
yea bro im gonna die of old age soon
TKS 心理 Aug 15 @ 2:09am 
im pretty sure but ill just act like it never happened cause its your birthday ;)
Delief_ Aug 15 @ 2:07am