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If you like DDR games and/or roguelikes, you owe it to yourself to play this game.
Dance yourself to death with all of the ingenious movement options - learn your foe's dance patterns to defeat them, plus tricky dance moves to avoid things like fire breath and multi-foot(or finger) combos to cast spells. Yes, it supports a real dance pad as well as a keyboard.
Plus, y'know, many characters with different gimmicks, much loot and permanent unlocks for later runs.
Posted November 12, 2015.
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39.7 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Though only in "open alpha", it's actually very playable. Very good fun with friends and/or partners.
They take a lot of community feedback to adjust the balance of everything as well. Pretty good character customisation and "hero deck" system, so you can have many builds of your heros.
Free to play so start gathering loot and pets now!

PS: Definitely make an effort to finish the campaign, this unlocks Pet eggs dropping and Freeplay mode, which has big XP boosts.
Posted November 10, 2015.
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If you ever wanted to make a game, especially a classic perspective RPG, a platformer, 3D or even the next Binding of Isaac, this is for you. It's pretty good - I've been using the original (Engine 001) for years.
Posted August 28, 2015.
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You feel really smart figuring these logic puzzles out plus the UI is really calming.
Best with some chocolate and a sweet drink with a slight breeze.
Posted September 2, 2014.
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The most fun co-op gameplay I've had in a long time.
Sci-fi tower and maze building which then transitions into an FPS where you run around your constructions pew-pewing the incoming hordes. They all have certain weakpoints and tower vulnerabilities.

A bunch of towers, perks, weapons etc. to unlock. Lots of multiplayer silliness like rocket jumping, goomba stomping and unique abilities for each character like the last shot in the clip does 8x damage or super speed double jumping.

Yes, it has hardcore mode as well as never-ending survival mode and campaign.

The silly text-to-speech from the first one is still there, but there is in-built push-to-talk now too. It's probably even prettier than the first game --- but it does scale down well for below-average machines.

The soundtrack is fairly similar to the first, which was pretty awesome.

Buy it and come play with me!
Posted July 15, 2013.
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