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Rara Feb 24 @ 1:16am 
oi Kiwi I will literally buy you HDTF to dig into it
Luawolfie Feb 14 @ 2:14am 
fight me
{pl}Tomaek13 Feb 9 @ 4:58pm 
IDC if your a mod
we hade a Good Game?
Penguineer Feb 8 @ 10:54pm 
Dood :Prinny:
kayleigh👌 Jan 31 @ 7:09pm doesn't- it's a fucking bad site for breath of the wild, it's fucking bad for this game, it can't fucking differentiate things very well, it's fucking awful, it's fucking terrible, it's a terrible fucking site for this game, it's the new fucking cyberscore, it's not a fucking fit platform for the kind of fucking art that I want to fucking create, it's not enough, it will never be enough and I'm sorry and the entire fucking site was my fucking idea in the first place and it just like is still not even good enough because I became so fucking woke dude I'm fucking like insane knowledge and wisdom from playing speedrunning so many fucking years and pouring so much of my life into it, so fuck that website, cause it will never be enough for me, it will never fucking be good enough.
yung nasty dick Jan 28 @ 2:31pm 
yo who the fuck