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henlo im khexi

and if there is no god
i'll know the day i die, i lived through heaven
and that i gave it hell
and if it hurt, oh well
at least that's living.
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henlo it me khexi
8:14 PM - khexi: uh
8:14 PM - khexi: yeah we're friends
8:15 PM - Medicman14: you say "we're" as in past tense?

1:21 PM - hydrox: let me just say one last thing
1:22 PM - hydrox: i hope it feels good knowing that you'll be exposed just like mittens was last year for blatantly cheating, headass
1:22 PM - hydrox: :^)

8:51 PM - Amikiir: i dont like u anymore
8:51 PM - khexi: ya ok
8:51 PM - Amikiir: jk im gay 4 u hardcore

9:43 PM - hi it v1vian: hey
9:43 PM - hi it v1vian: whats the difference between dubai and abu dhabi
9:43 PM - hi it v1vian: DUBAI HATES THE FLINSTONES
9:43 PM - hi it v1vian: BUT YABU DAHBI DOOO

Rage: question
Rage: when did khexi become such a cunt

10:59 PM - cupcakes: dont worry keki
10:59 PM - cupcakes: i funny too

11:08 PM - cupcakes: ill only jerk off to this if its u
11:08 PM - cupcakes: tell me the truth

4:49 AM - famel: everytime i see that shadow oc
4:49 AM - famel: i want to curl into a ball
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dab on em
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