Vasterbottens Lan, Sweden
Khazul personified by Molly

para: "I'm Khazul, and I'm professor in Bitch fucking"

Selek: Sometimes I think you are a fabulous black man from the hood.

this is evil evil: Jag är ledsen Mr Khazul. Du är en mycket god vän, och jag vill att du ska vara min fru en dag. Jag svär till Gud, att jag kommer att göra detta

♟Semper♟Fudge¯\(ツ)/¯: How sexy is Khazul on a scale of 1/Hugh Jackman????
♟Epi©chaos: i don't think there is any scale that can describe the sexyness of Khazul 8)

onv: khazul has the aim of a 5 years old who plays with a banana as a mouse

"If you're gonna kill the entire population anyways, you might as well swallow that dick." - Solid, 2014

"Du är så jävla arisk så att om Nazi-Tyskland skulle tagit över Sverige nu så hade SS tvingat dig att ha sexuellt samlag med ariska kvinnor för att förstärka den tyska rasen inför framtiden" - Steve, 2015

15:53 - Scissors#2829: hopefully papa adolf would make me into luxury soap instead of regular though

"I'll place my finger on your dick" - Solid, 2015

Flow: grandpa liking solid's comment tho
Flow: best thing ever

Flowᶜʰᵉˢˢ: even valve respects you fam
Flowᶜʰᵉˢˢ: they named their khazul mode after you
Khazulᶜʰᵉˢˢ: Khazul mode??
Khazulᶜʰᵉˢˢ: What have I missed? O.o
Flowᶜʰᵉˢˢ: there is competitive
Flowᶜʰᵉˢˢ: and khazul
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Here's an accuarte vizualization
Steve Sep 20, 2015 @ 1:58am 
So there I was at the Hue Long River in southern Vietnam. Fending of wave after wave of hostile gooks. Most of my squad had been wiped out at this point due to danger close artillery. Me and Cpl.Big Dick Nigger Jim were the last soldiers alive defending the position. We did this until we ran out off ammo. You could smell the Gooks at this point you could hear their Gook planing aswell they must've been no more than 15 feet away from our position, we knew what we had to do. So we aplied our fixed bayonets on our M16's, said our prayers to the banana lord and anticipated death within a short time.
Steve Sep 20, 2015 @ 1:56am 
But then in the distance we heard something. It was an American Huey helicopter aproaching our position with the song "Fortunate son" by "Creedence clearwater " being played in the backround. This is impossible I thought to myself HQ told us that they were not able to send an EVAC to our postion due to the high concentration of hostile personel. But the Pilot wasn't fazed at all by the number of oppnents no he opens fire with his two mounted machineguns and almost immediately wipes out a large chunck of the Gooks.
Steve Sep 20, 2015 @ 1:56am 
I am still in shock and I have no idea who this beast is who this legend might be who the man in the cockpit is, that is until i hear his very distinct warcry over the helicopters megaphone. It's the "Laughing Wolf" warcry, the warcry native to the brave warriors of the northern Scandanavia. I knew immediately who it was even before the pilot pops out his head out of the cockpit window. It was KHAZUL and he was there the save my ass and Cpl.Big Dick Nigger Jims ass. He completly defied HQ's order to stay put. So as he is approaching our position shooting Gooks left 'n right we're trying to make a makeshift LZ so that he can land. He lands safely and picks us up and then we ride of in the sunset heading back to HQ in De Nang.