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Sorry, but my friends list consists solely of people I know in some way. I appreciate your request, but I like to keep the list small.

Fail to use proper grammar and you will be corrected:
•If I/it/there were , not was.
•Prepositions go before noun phrases (that's why they're called pre positions). Note: people who say they don't go at the end of sentences are partially right, but don't fully know about what they're talking or why and are prone to smartarse comments. You know what I'm talking about, jerk? Here are examples of doing it wrong:
What's that for? (For what is that/That is for what?)
Where are we going to? (To where are we going/We are going to where?)
•Technically whom should be used whenever it's an object, but that tends to sound weird. It works well as an indirect object, with a preposition or otherwise. Examples: You gave whom the book? You gave the book to whom? (I'm sure you agree "Whom did you see"/"You saw whom" can sound a little forced)
•"I" is always capitalised.
•Typos are forgivable. Incorrect spelling is not.
•"Incentivise" is never a word. "Motivate" is. Besides, the "-ise" suffix means to make, as in "intenvise" would mean "to make something an incentive". If you're talking about giving someone incentive, then you want incentivate, but motivate already exists.
•"Ass" is a donkey. "Arse" is someone's backside.
•"of" is not an auxillary verb. Therefore "could of", "would of", "should of" and others have literally no meaning. It's exactly like saying "It could from been better."
•similarly, "off of" is wrong. "off from" is good, it contrasts well with "onto" e.g. "I took it off from the top."
•"your"/"you're", "there"/"their"/"they're", "it's"/"its": you should already know this. Just get it right.

I am a major completionist, currently boasting 100% completion in Portal , Portal 2 , Half-life 2: Episode 1 and Half-life 2: Episode 2 (as well as Half-life 2 if it weren't for the 35th lambda cache... wherever that is).
As for Half-life 3 , I've done pretty well with that, considering it only came out a few days ago.
Obligatory achievement links: {1} [achievementstats.com] {2} [astats.astats.nl]

Steaming pile of bullshit .

Level 10 achieved without wasting a cent on trading cards and the like :)

Here's some stuff you might want for ASCII art, if you suck/can't be bothered to open character map.


Did you know I disagree with your opinions?

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yes, indeed.
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good to know.
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No, I just read your profile description and changed my ways.
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Yes, I'm very proud of you.
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