Sara Leen   Buffalo, New York, United States
Nice to meet you. I'm Sara. I'm a programmer with XSEED Games.
In the past, I've also done side work, both as a translator and a programmer.

I've been a gamer my whole life, with an interest in just about every genre, really.

My true passion is music, though I don't feel I've gotten very far with that in my life to date.

I've had a pretty tough life in the past, but as time goes along, it does get better. Here's hoping that continues!

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InkIsZel01 25 тра о 18:50 Shes pretty i guess... Im sorry i cant be her...
InkIsZel01 24 кві о 7:21 
"You must have I.D. to get the D."~jared from subway, 2017
InsaneZero 21 кві о 18:41 
Thank you for all the hard work! Hope you get to enjoy playing/debugging(?) the 3rd this weekend!
link76000 13 кві о 16:45 
I wish you a good weekend.
Enjoy your games
*OCB* Shu | Pexie 29 бер о 15:06 
Hey, do you know you can pre-order Acceleration of Suguri 2, right?
Amelia M 3 бер о 19:44 
Best programmer for best girl!