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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Sep 8 @ 5:36pm


Find all the health eggs.
Unlocked Sep 28 @ 7:17am


Learn all the songs in Aquaria.
Unlocked Aug 14 @ 3:47am

Spirit Battle

Defeat the Priests.
Unlocked Aug 24 @ 5:49pm


Defeat Octomun.
Unlocked Aug 24 @ 5:10pm

Rock Crab Rocked

Defeat the Rock Crab.
Unlocked Aug 24 @ 5:10pm

Boom Shrimp

Defeat the Mantis Shrimp.
Unlocked Sep 28 @ 6:21am

Dethroned King Jelly

Defeat the King Jelly.
Unlocked Mar 18, 2016 @ 5:37pm

A New Chapter...

Reach Open Waters.
Unlocked Aug 13 @ 4:18am

Dance of the Forest Sprites

Reach the Sprite Cave.
Unlocked Aug 14 @ 4:12am

Passed Through

Reach the Veil.
Unlocked Aug 14 @ 4:32am


Unlocked Sep 8 @ 5:33pm


Enter the belly of the Whale.
Unlocked Sep 8 @ 4:11pm

North Pole

Reach the Frozen Veil.
Unlocked Sep 28 @ 5:41am


Defeat Mom and Dad.
Unlocked Sep 28 @ 7:03am


Rescue all the lost souls.
Unlocked Mar 18, 2016 @ 8:29pm

Combo Eater

Devour 6 creatues in a row.
Unlocked Aug 14 @ 4:28am


Devour a Parrot.
Unlocked Aug 14 @ 5:15am

High Dive

Dive into the water from a certain high location...
Unlocked Aug 14 @ 6:38am

Mergog Defeated

Defeat Mergog

Super Chef

Find all the recipes in the game.

Mass Transit

Find all the Ancient Turtles.


Travel to all the areas of Aquaria.

Weird Fish

Discover two peculiar-looking fish...

Bucking Bronco

Ride Ekkrit for a minute.

Monkey Flinger

Fling a Monkey.

No Escape

Kill the Coward.

Speed Racer

Beat the Arnassi race in less than a minute.