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Complete all Star Doors.
0 / 15


Complete all Moon Doors.
0 / 6

Sunny Days

Complete all Sun Doors.
0 / 5

You Know Too Much

Complete "Who Wants to Be a Mirannaire?" Maniac mode.

Minigame Madness

Complete all minigames on any difficulty.
0 / 5

Tempting Fate

Defeat all Abyss fiends.
0 / 4


Read all of the books in the Garden.
0 / 52

Easy Peasy

Finish the game on Easy or above.

Straight and Narrow

Finish the game on Normal or above.

Proud Powerhouse

Finish the game on Hard or above.

Only In Your Dreams

Finish the game on Nightmare.

Sidetracked Chest-Tracker

Carefully examine nearly every chest that you come across before the final chapter.
0 / 246

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