almost back 2 the memes
competitive !!SERIOUS!! video gamer   Suita, Osaka, Japan
graph theory enthusiast and way better @ vidgames than u

i am a hardcore brony for life
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Multiple VAC bans on record | Info
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fuck real life anime is real life
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VAC B& from mw3 on my main because I'm a bad programmer
VAC B& from dayz on my main because I leave too much shit open all the time
manually VAC B& from RO2 for being literally hitler

i definitely do not write hacks please stop hackusating me

shoutouts to my fans
He will never play again? Of course, because even when this system gets fixed and works properly, I will be assuming that every server that has it turned OFF is protecting and harbouring known hackers and criminals, even terrorists, so will need to steer clear of it.

VIP-Lilly (FR)™ 12 minutes ago
VAC BAN - Account what a shame. No comment.The Scammer is my waste.Go to hell you wretch.Blocked to my account.OFF

Personally, I'll stop complaining to everyone including Tripwire only after those involved are permanently banned from Steam, not just VAC banned or Punkbuster banned. Who is with me?

Can somebody read his ip, find his adress and beat his fat ♥♥♥ up please?
The things people do to compensate for their small ♥♥♥♥♥ these days...

Id agree with you but the guy had the "my got" tag, and several people accused him on his profile. Why do people like this still have a steam account? beats me.

Like My Walls: btw nice website
Like My Walls: shame if it were to be taken down
Like My Walls: Do You Under Stand You Fucking Pice Of Shit

proof that only sperglords bother w gmod
Which false positives? it makes a log entry for every event that I read every day.
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