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Stereo: am i the only one whos open here

deeds: fuck you im invite

mL^Chopp : mehitler

dantebaro: i am not spikin inglish

Carlos : lol i am gud tf2 playa i no how 2 use airblast!!! i am GUD
Carlos : i can0t do anything 3lse1!!1!!!!!

*DEAD* Carlos : yeah shove your airblast up your ass you fat wanker
Carlos : more skill in your mums breast milk

20:41:30 [SOT] Nox: cooler name kampfkeks gefällt mir :)
20:41:36 fischa mix/merc: lass ihn in ruhe
20:41:52 [SOT] Nox: irgendwelche probleme?
20:41:56 fischa mix/merc: :D
20:42:01 fischa mix/merc: mein dad
20:42:04 [SOT] Nox: besser dann lego spielen gehen
20:42:08 [SOT] Nox: aso ok^^
20:42:09 fischa mix/merc: ja mami

21:01:57 Silent En: id rather cut my tit off

22:56:32 -|GMC|-MartinT29: I am a very very big fan of b4nny XD
22:58:09 -|GMC|-MartinT29: Why do u ask ?
22:58:25 Kampfkeks | TF2Pickup: lol b4nny fans...
22:58:31 -|GMC|-MartinT29: XD
22:58:34 -|GMC|-MartinT29: I stream too
22:58:41 -|GMC|-MartinT29: i have 65 followers

3:17 PM carvallo: @admin please
3:17 PM carvallo: captain abuse
3:17 PM carvallo: @Rabbit you noob you rep me
3:17 PM carvallo: @Rabbit enjoy your ban kid my dad works at pugchamp
3:18 PM carvallo: stupid fucking noobs
3:18 PM carvallo: no wonder nobody plays comp
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