Hey, I'm KaLS and I'm a sly no good motherfucker.
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Go on and add me, I don't mind.
Besides the little info in the description, I'm a hobbyist modeler and a knockoff gunslinger.

You may know me through one of my works, maybe through DFS over these past 5-6 years, or maybe you just ran into me somewhere.

Either way I'm always open for a chat, so if you feel like dropping a message, go on, I won't bite.

That being said, I don't tend to start conversations because I'm often doing something, so if I don't talk to you too much don't take it personally or anything.

You'll often see me in Overwatch, I'm a shameless McCree "main" and I'll steal your POTGs.

Facepunch [facepunch.com] - (I make awful posts every now and then)

GameBanana [gamebanana.com] - (once in a blue moon I make something)
Satisfied costumers:

01:14 - Gilford The Brütal Legend [DFS]: AHAHAHAHAH.
01:15 - Gilford The Brütal Legend [DFS]: Gooood grief

15:44 - Manic ッ: i had to digest your reference

13:52 - Dispenz0r: you motherFUCKER!!!
13:52 - Dispenz0r: you stole my cash..

17:01 - Sam: i dont want a animal family

23:31 - [DFS] MeowMix: "tacos are not recognized as legal forms of identification"
23:31 - [DFS] MeowMix: well shit

01:57 - [DFS] macwithavengence: fukin fox cuck

19:35 - Dispenz0r: what the hell you scammer?!

18:55 - [DFS] Green Giant: i had the group chat closed for like 10 minutes, what is going on even
18:55 - AUTISTIC MENTALLY RETARD FARMER: stfu autistic niggers

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I thought Finnish people were calm, silent and generally don't run their mouth with nonesense.

Vikutaurus Mar 21 @ 1:09pm 
Ahhh yes you're that cocky fox furry. Seek mental help. You might be tough shit in virtual server but IRL you're nothing buddy
Davidn64 Mar 18 @ 11:34am 
its kals!!!
Light08 ☆ Feb 11 @ 8:31am 
Ach I miss him already...
Will he ever come back.

I sure hope so.