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I just started this game, but most of the negative feedback that is being posted here on Steam seems completely ludicrous to me. So I thought I would post my thoughts in the hope that my experience might be useful to anyone who is being scared away from this title because of knee-jerk reactionary nonsense.

I'll update this review as I play if anything noteworthy presents itself.
UPDATE: I beat the game. It was really good. Never ran into any issues. No one ever broke into my house and forced me to use the in-game shop at gunpoint, either. I still think Human Revolution was a bit better, but I definitely don't regret my purchase.
The negative reviews seem to be stemming mostly from three issues: 1) Poor optimization. 2) The presence of an in-game store. 3) DLC can, at the moment, only be used once per save.
I'll discuss each issue in turn.

First, the poor optimization. I don't know what to say about this, really, as I haven't experienced any performance issues whatsoever on my relatively unremarkable PC (GTX 970, i7-3770, 8GB ram). I downloaded the latest nvidia driver, never messed with the MSAA, and set everything else to 'high'. The game runs as smooth as silk. I could probably push the textures up to ultra and still be fine if I wanted.

I guess if running everything on super-mega-maximum-ultra settings is of singular importance to you, you might be somewhat disappointed. I tend to care less about that and more about playing the game, and the game plays more than well enough.

In addition, people are harping about input lag and mouse smoothing. Now I haven't finished the game, but I haven't found anything to complain about in terms of aiming the guns. They seem to work just like every other FPS I've played.
UPDATE: I never experienced any problems, personally, but several patches have been released since launch that have reportedly fixed most of the optimization issues above. So there you go.
Next, the in-game store. People are acting like they've been personally slighted because of the damn store. From what I can tell, the store basically sells cheats (like extra praxis, for example) that lazy people can use to boost their single-player character without actually playing the game. So what? Don't buy anything. Done. And if you absolutely cannot play the game without cheating, download a trainer or something. People are acting like they can't play the game without buying extra crap, which is simply absurd.

Does the presence of this store "set a dangerous precedent for future games?" Not really, no. In-game stores are a part of gaming nowadays. Some games exploit microtransactions more than others. From all reports, this game doesn't exploit microtransactions at all. The store simply exists because suckers with more money than self-control will willingly pay for unnecessary junk.

The inclusion of a completely superfluous store does not make this a bad game. I really don't understand why people are freaking out.
UPDATE: Since completing the game, I can confirm that people were freaking out for absolutely no reason. There was never a point were I felt the need to buy anything from the store. In fact, I had more money and praxis than I knew what to do with. With the inclusion of New Game+, you could max out every ability without much effort if that's what you really want. People are ridiculous.
Finally, the thing about the DLC only working once per save. I don't personally own any of the DLC because 1) I didn't preorder the game; preordering games is a foolish thing to do nowadays, and 2) all the DLC in the store looks like silly garbage anyway. That being said, I can definitely understand why people might be upset. If you pay for something (even if it's gimmicky crap) you should ideally be able to get your money's worth.

Still, I feel like this is something that will be fixed. If it isn't, then I guess it's a bit of a bummer. F---ing caveat emptor. The game is still highly enjoyable without crummy little DLC. Maybe people will think twice next time before needlessly preordering and/or blindly buying every single stupid piece of extra content? Nah probably not.
UPDATE: Halfway through my first playthrough I decided to open my storage inventory and, lo and behold, there were a few weapons and a praxis kit I didn't even know about. The guns were way worse than the ones I had modded out myself. I immediately used the praxis kit. I never thought twice about it. I imagine this was what the DLC was like. A bunch of junk you won't use and a praxis kit or two (drops in the f---ing bucket). Maybe you don't get to use some of that crap in a fresh playthrough, but you do keep it in New Game+. The DLC could have been handled better, but is the entire game bad? Christ... people just flip their♥♥♥♥♥♥nowadays...
I guess that's it. The issues that ~35% of reviews seem to be complaining about are simply non-issues. Maybe I got lucky by running the game smoothly, but I doubt that I'm a special case.

TL;DR: This game is great, and the negative reviews are focusing mostly on ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t that doesn't matter. If you meet the recommended requirements and you enjoyed the previous Deus Ex games, then buy this game, ignore the in-game store, and have fun. It's that simple.
Posted August 24, 2016. Last edited December 20, 2016.
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