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a.k.a. Spongebob the Nigerian Warlord, Ze Mentlegen, and Z E D A N K E S T M E M E, Borderline Hitler, Nearly Stalin, Motorrad_Fan_US, Thot Patrol, NOT CONTINUING THIS ITS ANNOYING BECAUSE I CHANGE MY NAME LIKE UNDERWEAR
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Kruegor24 Jul 14 @ 1:02pm 
-rep -rep cant let people do what they want and ruins all kinds of fun
Simba™ Jun 24 @ 11:47am 
*Simba is a bad boi* What?
Cartel Jun 14 @ 3:19pm 
-rep 2cringy4me
Goose May 17 @ 6:09am 
-rep sucks at tf2
Ze | ϟϟ | May 11 @ 3:30pm 
*walks up to Saracen deli counter with sword* ILL HAVE ONE JERUSALEN INFIDEL! *takes a jerusalem*
Sea Pickle May 11 @ 3:15pm 
deus vult