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Jonathan Shaw   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
The Real Jon. Leave a profile comment before adding me please :)
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Don't add me about ETF2L admin-related things, I don't have the power to change nicknames etc. Use the IRC chat [].

Veteran TF2 Cameraman/Producer for Competitive TF2 matches.

Things I do...
Cameraman/Producer of BlackOut TV []
Producer for
Newswriter of ETF2L []
The Highlander Open [] founder

Things I used to do...
Head Administrator of The Highlander Open []
Senior Administrator of BlackOut Gaming []
Cameraman/Producer of TeamFortress TV []
Match Administrator of SaloonTF []
DeutschLAN [] staff member

Now funny things:

admirable: I sexually identify as a level 2 dispenser

Axis got rekt: linky here []

kKaltUu: Jon, you're an invaluable resource to me
kKaltUu: you're a flower, you're the sun
kKaltUu: you're fuckin perfect, never change

"I cant touch my keyboard, im covered in honey." - niceAsh 2017

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