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john0m8#1549   New Zealand
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N1ce, Sassy. [puu.sh] N1ce, Pork.
Also thank you, buggsy c:
Happy to merc anytime for any team! Also fuck you, Attila and Muselk(jk, i luv u)
Games and shit
My tf2 hours are pretty warped tbh, 600 hours trading, 2000 hours idle for weapons for when it worked, 400 into saxton hale , probs like, 3000 on orange and pubs(they were fucking fun though) and the rest on comp

Anyways, I mainly play TF2, Overwatch, Path of Exile and CSGO :>

Also, I'm dropping trading as a priority since I now have collected my Dream set shown in the item showcase below :D thanks to all for helping me make it there!

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Information and stuff
Hi! Welcome to my profile :>
Stranges that need to be collected:
"*" means i have to buy it again
Duck Journal?
Necro Smasher
Crossing Guard
Shooting Star
(all added approx 50 keys excluding batsaber)
Strange Festives that need to be collected
Festive Bonk! Atomic Punch*
Festive Backburner*
Festive Shotgun
Festive SMG*
Festive Force-A-Nature*
Festive Flaregun*
Festive Eyelander*
Festive Jarate*
Festive Gloves of running Urgently*
Festive Blackbox*
Festive Holy Mackeral*
Festive Axtinguisher
Festive Buff Banner
Festive Übersaw*
Festive Frontier Justice
Festive Huntsman*
Festive Grenade Launcher*
Festive Scattergun
Festive Bat
Festive Rocket Launcher
Festive Flamethrower
Festive Stickybomb Launcher*
Festive Minigun
Festive Wrench*
Festive Medigun*
(All added approx 120 keys)

Also, specifically fuck you to Australiums, cosmetics, parts and especially the skins, fuck you skins.

PC Specifications 8)
GTX 970, no OC
i7-4790 (no OC either)
H-97M DH3 MotherBoard
CM semi-modular 650V PSU
Samsung S24D390 @ 60HZ
Razer DeathAdder Chroma (cheap ass deal and new :D)
Roccat Ryos MK, Cherry Blacks switches
and a fucking massive Razer Goliathus mousepad that has spilled beer on it (Rip)

Competitive History
lol ill do this part when im bothered scavenging all my history

Cloudy, the DANKEST Donator of all - GE Noh Mercy
Sugar, Ceffly and YellowGUI - Smoking 9/11 Hat (Smoking Desert Mauruader)
Sugar, the jew - sum weeb games
Ceffly, the giving - sum weebs agmes + DLC's for sakura clicker
YellowGUI, the shit computer guy - sum non ween games (thank god)
Xylophone, the weeb - sum bullshit games + sakura swim club
Koda, that engineer guy from youtube - a dank rotation sensation <3
Cody, the thoughtful - maccas lan party sign 8)
Roro, the dead - A happy birthday team captain, rip roro
Highena, the furry - Dualies Hemaglobin MW(fav dualies skin)

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7,149 hrs on record
last played on Apr 28
1,702 hrs on record
last played on Apr 25
11.9 hrs on record
last played on Apr 24
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