john is back somewhat?
john0m8#1549, john the asian   New Zealand
"A little bit of rape everynow and then isnt too bad, right?"~Yellowguy
N1ce, Sassy. [] N1ce, Pork.
Happy to merc anytime for any team as any class, 6's or HL!
Steam ID: 76561198053875960, [U:1:93610232]
Games and shit
My tf2 hours are pretty warped tbh, 600 hours trading, 2000 hours idle for weapons for when it worked, 400 into saxton hale , probs like, 3000 on orange and pubs(they were fucking fun though) and the rest on comp

Anyways, I mainly play TF2, Overwatch, Path of Exile and CSGO (LE @114 games) :>

Also, I'm dropping trading as a priority since I now have collected my Dream set shown in the item showcase below :D thanks to all for helping me make it there!

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Hi! Welcome to my profile :>
When someone calls you in lobby
Pudding []
loli sniper
Catfish []
Competitive History
9's UGC
S10-12 unknown
(Steel)S13:(UBN) Ubernational, 9th-13th=place
(Steel)S14:(UBN) Ubernational, 7th place
(Plat) S15: (YAO!) Name Team Later, Disbanded mid-season
(Steel)S16:(TD9) The Decended 9, Disbanded mid-season
(Steel)S17:(WH) Spys got a wizard Hat, 5th place
(Plat) S18: (kRz?) Krispy Memez, 7th place
(Plat) S19: (kRz?) Krispy Memez, Disbanded mid-season
(Plat) S20: (LoF) Leap of Faith, 2nd place
(Plat) S21: (ssrs9) Super serious 9's, 5th place
(Plat) S22: (くコ:彡) Squid Kids, 5th place
(Div 5)S18: ([M]) Maccas LAN Party, 2nd place
(???)S19: (/c) Percy, didnt place in ugc?
(Div 5)S14: ([M]) Maccas LAN Party, 2nd place
(IM)S15: (/c) Percy, Didn't go through
(IM)S15 (Smellz) Itz only Smellz, ???
(IM)S16: (???) Bleach Cocktails, 7th place
(IM)S19: (???) Ironic wishi washi irish wristi watchi, 5th?
(IM)S20: (???)The Nunjas, 3rd place (Voted Best Roamer of Season 20)
(IM)A Midsummer Night's Cup: OpiEsports, 5th place
(Steel)S4: (4_Hats) 4 Fashion, ???
(Steel)S5: (4_Hats) 4 Fashion, disbanded mid-season
(Steel)S6: (uglymutt) Punchbowl Lebs, 5th place
(Steel)S7: (uglymutt) Punchbowl Lebs, ???

PC Specs
GTX 970, no OC
i7-4790 (no OC either)
H-97M DH3 MotherBoard
16 GB DDR3-1600 Ram
CM semi-modular 650V PSU
Samsung S24D390 @ 60HZ
Razer DeathAdder Chroma
Logitech G403 wired
Roccat Ryos MK, Cherry MX Blacks
and a fucking massive Razer Goliathus mousepad that has spilled beer on it (Rip)
Steelseries QCK(M)
SteelSeries QCK+(Limited Edition)

Other links
UGC Player page []
Ozfortress Player Page(New) []
Ozfortress Player page []
Osu! #420th NZ(26.04.17 - 11.05.17) []
MAL(weeb shit) []
Path of Exile Profile []
battlenet account [] john0m8#1549

Cloudy, the DANKEST Donator of all - GE Noh Mercy
Sugar, Ceffly and YellowGUI - Smoking 9/11 Hat (Smoking Desert Mauruader)
Sugar, the jew - sum weeb games
Ceffly, the giving - sum weebs agmes + DLC's for sakura clicker
YellowGUI, the shit computer guy - sum non weeb games (thank god)
Xylophone, the weeb - sum bullshit games + sakura swim club
Koda, that engineer guy from youtube - a dank rotation sensation <3
Cody, the thoughtful - maccas lan party sign 8)
Roro, the dead - A happy birthday team captain, rip roro
Highena, the furry - Dualies Hemaglobin MW(fav dualies skin)

Tours: 59
Australiums found: NONE, KILL ME
fucking bull shit drop rate (fuck you, qwrvee and sugar)

Stranges that need to be collected (not a prioritiy anymore):
"*" means i have to buy it again
Duck Journal?
Necro Smasher
Crossing Guard
Shooting Star

Strange Festives that need to be collected (not a prioritiy anymore)
Festive Bonk! Atomic Punch*
Festive Backburner*
Festive Shotgun
Festive SMG*
Festive Force-A-Nature*
Festive Flaregun*
Festive Eyelander*
Festive Jarate*
Festive Gloves of running Urgently*
Festive Holy Mackeral*
Festive Axtinguisher
Festive Buff Banner
Festive Übersaw*
Festive Frontier Justice
Festive Huntsman*
Festive Grenade Launcher*
Festive Scattergun
Festive Bat
Festive Rocket Launcher
Festive Flamethrower
Festive Stickybomb Launcher*
Festive Minigun
Festive Wrench*
Festive Medigun*

cheeky muffin : who would win
cheeky muffin : a team of hardened mercenaries
cheeky muffin : or one french boi

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7,871 hrs on record
last played on Nov 27
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