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ideologies are gods. i am an atheist
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if you spend money on steam you are demonstrably retarded lol guys im just kidding please don't hurt m-
A Bad Man With a Even Worse Plan

This man, right here. Stop reading while you still can

Funny Jokes I did not steal off of reddit, for real this time guys.

I have an African American in my family tree

He's still hanging there

I like my women how I like my wine;

10 years old and in a cellar

A Jihadist walks into a gaybar. The bartender asks him want he wants. He says:

Shots for everyone

What's the difference between a Boy Scout and a Jew?

One comes home from camp.

What do you call getting high while learning a language?

Getting Rosetta Stoned

The Twin Towers ordered pepperoni

But they got plain.

People say there's safety in numbers,

Well I say try saying that to six million Jews

What's the difference between a pizza and a Mexican?

One can feed a family of four.

What does a Subway worker call his peen?

$5 Foot Long

i dont accept bot accounts or retards or something

Literally don't be a Zimbabwean princess and you should be sublime with my incredibly low standards


Gender/Sex: I identify as a yir, a sex I made up in an attempt to identify myself to a group for a false sense of security and to be unique since I can't think for myself unless I have someone who agrees with me because I'm a wuss afraid to face my own perception of the universe and because I have nothing special to show and I need to have some sort of purpose in my meaningless existence or else I will cry indefinitely, even if that uniqueness is more of a disadvantage, because I'll scrape the bottom of the uniqueness barrel if it means I won't have to be a normal, repetitive human being like I really am.

Sexuality: I don't know look at my search history

Age: It's actually 12 and a HALF

Physical Strength: Minimal

Intelligence: See: This info box

Charisma: Nonexistent

Virginity: See: My Steam hours

Political Lean: Whatever you want it to be, apparently

Religion: One of peace. Like Xomism or something idk

demoji collection

Yes, I'm using this info box for a stupid joke making fun of furry profile info boxes.

If you want actual info:

1. I hate those damn niggers
2. lol idk
3. what the ufck

to balrog he made some grammatical fixes

fuck you balrog i do not look at your profile because you wear glasses

see what's important

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PCF13 Nov 19 @ 1:38pm 
Did some carbon based lifeform just say iceball

CryogenicallyCorruptedCardz Nov 11 @ 12:11am
I can do succy succy if u teach me daddy

CryogenicallyCorruptedCardz Nov 11 @ 12:06am
How to breathe tutorial pls

bhop bob Nov 10 @ 11:57pm
what's wrong my child

Balrog Nov 19 @ 12:01am 
Did some carbon based lifeform just say iceball
mcthanking times Nov 10 @ 10:11pm 
I can do succy succy if u teach me daddy
mcthanking times Nov 10 @ 10:06pm 
How to breathe tutorial pls
bhop bob Nov 10 @ 9:57pm 
what's wrong my child
mcthanking times Nov 7 @ 5:53pm