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nope. and as a result, i have stopped playing. too bad. really liked the game.
Sep 16 @ 3:23pm
In topic How's the Single Player Game?
how do you even START the single player campaign? it says i haven't met certain requirements or something... do i have to level up using pvp? gah.... very frustrating.
hi les,

just checked. works beautifully. thank you very much! now i can play a quick 3000 point game whenever i have a minute! thank you!

no problem. as i said, i'm just super impressed that you're so quick! thanks again!
haha, such quick response! thanks!
so i'm trying to setup a multiplayer skirmish with the AI but i can't seem to change the gold field from 10,000.... i can't type in the field at all or delete the 10,000. i can type in other fields but i'm locked out of this one... is it possible to make a smaller game or am i stuck at 10k?

Sep 3 @ 10:53pm
In topic Is it necessary to use Java?
actually, since it's using java, is it possible to play this on android?
Aug 24 @ 7:01pm
wow, thanks for such a detailed response! totally unnecessary but thanks for being willing to have the conversation! yeah, you guys have to do the vision that you have in your heads. as i say, disregard anything that doesn't fit with that. and your take on the rpg element drawing people in seems totally right.

actually but the way that you've implemented it with fewer hero units and more base units - that's a really great compromise. that's what i loved about frostgrave - the only real configurability lies with the wizard and his apprentice. all the other guys are just bought with gold and are more or less generic (though you can do limited leveling up and giving them better weapons). so enough depth of choice to be interesting but not so deep that you'll never understand everything.

i have tried battlelore and i really disliked the digital version. they made it too video gamey and took away the charm of the board game. it's part of the COMMAND AND COLORS line of strategy games and that's a really great series but i think it really does depend on having visible cards and dice. they kinda made those elements hidden and that really took away from gameplay for me.

(same problem with mordheim which is pretty faithful in its adaptation of the minis game but they had to adopt a third person tomb raider like camera and refused to give us an overhead view where you can actually play [you get a map that you can see but can't make decisions on]. and again, all the boardgame elements like dice rolls are hidden and effects like getting stunned are shown [badly] with animation rather than having prominent onscreen text just tell me what happened)

also, the animated units really bugged me. the animations were bog standard and imo, it would have been much better to have really well textured, hires models that were literally game pieces that moved around or rotated - this is my same criticism of PARADOX strategy games like crusader kings 2. those animations are TERRIBLE... i'd much prefer if they showed pewter figurines that were beautiful and completely static.

in this regard, your games work much better for me because it's top down and the animations are not all over the place. makes it feel much more like a miniatures game.

thanks for the tip about setting up my own skirmishes. that probably will fill the bill for what i'm looking for.

thanks again for being so open to feedback and feature requests. i'm very much looking forward to age of fear 3!

Aug 24 @ 12:38am
is there any terrain in the game yet that impacts tactics and cover? so things like "rough going" and forests and hills and such that impact movement distance, cover, and bonuses? i really have been looking pretty far and wide for a computer version of a tabletop minis game and you guys are really really close to what i've been looking for (so like a digital version of mordheim [i have mordheim but the fact that there's no overhead view is a crime!], necromunda, frostgrave, song of blades and heroes, infinity, mercs) but in those games, terrain really adds a nice tactical depth.

also, my personal preference is smaller number of units. so more "warband" rather than "army" -
something like frostgrave's 10 units per side works really well imo... but that might not fit with what you guys are going for.

and the more mechanics of the tabletop games you can incorporate imo, the better... so things like "pile on" bonuses, activation mechanics where maybe you can't actually move every unit every round, routing and death if unable to route, etc... for me, the key to this genre is interesting rules that have a very particular take on modeling battle.

and you guys seem to have a running description of what's happening in the text display in the upper left and i know a lot of games do that but another fun thing about these kinds of tactics games is to see the result of the "roll"... so in tabletop games, everyone basically yells out what just happened but it would add to the experience of the game if the results of the roll were displayed in text (colored, cool font, etc) on the battlefield. so things like "Drax casts fireball!", "stunned!", "critical hit!"... these effects are a critical part of the tactics and it's a shame that it's buried in text in the upper left.

i'd personally love to see the rolls as well but i understand if you guys are not inclined to go that way.

whether it's with the AoF series of games or you guys come out with another series, i really do hope you guys do something that's even more closer to what the tabletop miniatures games do, little less rpg, little more skirmish campaign (again, i think in recent times frostgrave is a great example and does a fantastic job), simple stat lines for characters with few attributes with limited upgrading for units and just buy better units. i'd rather really understand a few traits and character types instead of have a vague grasp of a thousand.

anyway, this is just what i'm looking for. it may not align with what you guys are trying to do so ignore and dismiss as necessary.

best of luck!
the issue is not hitting marks... the issue is that i'd like to be able to move around as in maya or blender and not have this feeling of a "drifting" camera.

love tts but recently spent a lot of time in it making a mod and have a feature request:

please have an option to remove inertia on camera moves (rmb and mmb motion to move around the table)... especially when i'm working on a mod and for me, even when i'm playing, i just want to precisely get somewhere and i don't want the ease in and out of just navigating.
Jul 16 @ 2:15pm
In topic Crashes on Windows 10
crashes after a few minutes of play for me too... win10 64 corei7 8gb ram nvidia 6600gt
Jun 11 @ 7:48pm
In topic Motion sickness?
guh... there was an article on pc gamer talking about how japanese may be particularly subject to motion sickness and that may explain why fpss don't do very well in japan... and then they go and make a game like this???? the ♥♥♥♥ing MENU SCREEN makes me sick!
May 11 @ 9:18pm
In topic it's a hassle
Originally posted by thetargos:
I seriously don't get it when people complain about the SC comparing it to an Xbox controller. THE DEFAULT SCHEME OF THE CONTROLLER IN GAMES THAT SUPPORT CONTROLLERS (Xinput) IS TO BEHAVE AS AN XBOX CONTROLLER!!!!!!!11111oneone

This is even the default on macos and Linux.


The SC really shines in games that either do not support Xinput and controllers, and in those where you can really go crazy with config options.

no right analog stick. most of the time, i've had to screw around with settings to get that working the way i want. in the games that i've played, it was never fire and forget.

and imo, for games that don't support xbox style controls, actually having a keyboard would be better instead of a soft keyboard or spending forever mapping buttons and then trying to remember it all and/or constantly pop up the key map overlay (which also drops frame rates).
May 11 @ 4:13pm
In topic it's a hassle
Originally posted by Wow, Great moves! Keep it up!:
Originally posted by ugafan:

exactly! instead of wishing it was a different controller, simply buy the controller that you want the steam controller to be like. problem solved.
that and, if the steam controller was the same as an xbox controller... well, there wouldn't be a reason for it to exist now would there?

i agree. that's why i posted an image of what i think would be ideal... but it would indeed piggy back off the recognized xbox control scheme for controller inputs (replacing the playback controls on upper left and right), also have a touchpad for mouse cursor control and sport a keyboard.

xbox controller is terrific for action games but it wouldn't be good for strategy or pc centric games either which is why i didn't hail it as the end all be all.
May 11 @ 4:08pm
In topic it's a hassle
Originally posted by daaw_gees:
The point of the controller was to be completely configurable, so there is some inherent 'niggling' (as you put it). If that isn't for you, no problem.

Edit: That being said, you could create a config and then save it as a template for certain types of games and that would cut down on configuration time.

yeah. not for me. and time will tell but i think it will be true for most people and will determine the steam controller's succes and proliferation in the market.

we're (i'm) lazy and this shouldn't be work... we're just playing a game. configurable is less desirable than just pick up and play.

but i certainly recognize that everybody has their own preferences.
May 11 @ 12:06pm
In topic it's a hassle
after having used and then stopped using the controller, i think ultimately, the controller fails because it's too much of a hassle to use.

i never realized how terrific it is to have games automatically recognize and adjust for the xbox controller until i had to niggle around with the settings for each and every game with the steam controller.

i think the idea of the controller is cool and i really actually like the controls present and even the layout... but the setup and tweaking just to play... it sounds like a small thing but it's the thing that made me eventually just give up on it. it just ends up not being worth it.

for it to have been worth it, steam would have had to put some effort in on their back end and included an autodetect and autoswitch to a DEFAULT setting for the controller for EVERY GAME - pretty much how games currently do for the xbox controller... but set up in a pretty optimal way that would be good for 90% of players.

failing that, i think, if they were ever to do a version 2 is to just have an xbox controller with an integrated small keyboard and a touch pad for mouse cursor control. for pc games (i'm thinking strategy titles), there really is no replacement for the keyboard... and it would be awesome if they made small keyboard keys that felt really good instead of the chiclet like affairs they have for remote controls like this:

but put some effort into having a really pc faithful keyboard layout and good tactility for keys (and not these horrible rubbery stuff) and the right and left control circles replaced by the analog sticks and dpad....

imo, nothing less than that will really work for a living room, tv play setup for pc games.

anyway, got the controller and the steam link as pre-orders and i do enjoy them. but ultimately, imo, it's an experiment that's unsuccessful. great hardware... but too much of a hassle. but i'd love valve to keep trying. i want version 2.
Oct 2, 2016 @ 10:32pm
In topic this is a twin stick shooter without a twin stick
the fact that there is a strafe lock button points to the fact that this game is NOT meant to be played like gauntlet... please please please... the strafe lock is terrible. give us twin stick. please please please please please....

and i only ask because it's sooooo fun... but the controls are killing me.
Aug 10, 2016 @ 1:41am
In topic a way to have ZONE presets?
i usually need zones for perishables and construction materials and setting them up again and again is a drag. is there a way i can save a preset that i can use between games?
totally agree. on my last game i was attacked again after like 3 moves. in the early game these attacks are fine. but in mid and late game, it serves no gameplay purpose except to suck the fun out.
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