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James Hoxworth   Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fan of , No More Room in Hell , Killing Floor 1 and Killing Floor 2

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Mods that I use for : Global Offensive

MUI Hud (fantastic minimalistic hud, with tons of customization)
Full Speed Swarm (fixes issues with limited AI actions per frame) [paydaymods.com]
NGBTO (great for keeping noobs and hackers out of your DW or OD loud lobby) [lastbullet.net]
Lobby Player Info (it shows you useful info about your teammates) [lastbullet.net]
Badass Camera (makes all your menus look badass with cool transitions) [lastbullet.net]
No Fade to Black (makes Badass Camera look even more badass and slick) [lastbullet.net]
Basic Voices (you can play sound effects for you and your team, and also get kicked) [lastbullet.net]
Skill Tree Background Restoration (the backgrounds from the old skills menu return) [lastbullet.net]
Change Lobby Name Anytime (lets you change the name of your lobby) [lastbullet.net]

Other recommended mods:

PocoHud BLT (great hud with notifications of the skills that activate in certain circumstances)
No Postprocessing! (Outlines ON) (great mod for people with a bad pc) [lastbullet.net]
LemonCat MacroPack Smoke (decreases FPS drops with smoke grenades) [lastbullet.net]
Ghost 145+ (immensely increases the difficulty of stealth heists) [lastbullet.net]
RatsDay1/CookOff Blur Removal (decreases FPS drops with the meth lab) [lastbullet.net]
Bullet Dismemberment (adds dismemberment to every police unit in the game) [lastbullet.net]


Dr. Rixxtie (XIII-100) Rest in pepperoni. May RNGesus save his soul.
Dr. Same (XXV-100) Rest in pepperoni. May RNGesus save his soul.
Germán (XVIII-100) Rest in pepperoni. May RNGesus save his soul.
Holy Crap (XXV-100)
ilovelolis (V-100)
Maurens (XXV-100)
Mr. Green (XXV-100)
Tres (IX-100) Rest in pepperoni. May RNGesus save his soul.

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Mr. Papaya
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Un negro muy serio pero que cuando quiere te hace reír, te extraño culo sucio, a vos y a todos los batatines
Holy Crap Aug 1 @ 7:36pm 
Thanks! Nice playing with you too.
Mr.Bain Aug 1 @ 7:35pm 
good mate, thx for playing!
Holy Crap Jul 21 @ 3:24pm 
I already got non armored vault on go bank, epicenter vault on framing frame and no keycard or airplane keys on big oil. This is totally FUBAR!