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Been busy with various things irl, though I did get restarted streaming:

Otherwise, I'll see you around!

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> [Season 21] Ok👌 | Platinum - Starter Spy -
> [Season 20] Slamming Jammers | Gold - Starter/Backup Spy - 12-1 (1st Place)
> [Season 19] Dramatic Music Intensifies | Silver/Gold - Backup Spy - 6-3
> [Season 18 All-Star Match] Team Red | Silver - Spy - 2-1 All-Star Spy S18
> [Season 18] MITCHELL LEWIS | Silver - Starter Spy - 10-2 (3rd Place)
> [Season 18] Keep Your Salt | Silver - Starter Spy - 2-3 (disbanded)
> [Season 17] Spicy+ Support | Silver - Starter Spy - 4-4 (disbanded)
> [Season 16] Spicy+ Support | Silver - Starter/Backup Spy - 4-4
> [Season 16] Boyz n the Hood/Cry Baebees | Silver - Starter Spy - 2-2 (disbanded)
> [Season 15] Cry Baebees | Steel - Starter Spy/Med - 7-3 (playoffs)
> [Season 14] Impulse 9 | Steel - Starter Heavy - 2-2 (disbanded)
> [Season 12] Kawaii Kids Klub | Silver - Starter Spy - 0-2 (disbanded)

> [Season 20] ohioisonfire and his gang | Silver - Starter/Sub Med - 5-4

> [Season 8] Frozen Yogurt Technology | Steel - Starter Scout/All Class

> [Sigafoo Challenge Cup] Something Good | Starter Spy/Scout

02:35:33 yotts : jewlander vs 7

Hiya, as you may have nohticed []...I collect Noh Mercies:
So if you've come here for that then make sure you let me know in the comments!
(I also collect craft #33s as well)

The "Baes":
JSH Spoy Bro Eternal, together we shall be swagalicious looking spys, stroling up and down peoples' business with all our bling blang out
Sagey Touch me again bb <3

SynthRadio: WELL well well
SynthRadio: I guess you can finally summon the dragon Robin Walker and get your 1 wish
SynthRadio: before all the unusual noh mercies are scattered around the globe

Jewlander: Also I am so sorry but I cant think of anything other than the lube brand when I keep seeing your name
Jewlander: oh god
Jewlander: I am so sorry hahaha
kyky: HAHAH
kyky: my name used to just be KY
Jewlander: LOL
kyky: so yea, some kids were...dare i say.... JELLY

Synth: nohse..fuckin hell..
Jewlander - Dont Pick Your Nohse: :^)
Synth: : ^ )
Jewlander - Dont Pick Your Nohse: ^
Jewlander - Dont Pick Your Nohse: I got
Jewlander - Dont Pick Your Nohse: your
Jewlander - Dont Pick Your Nohse: nohse
Synth: fuck you.

CriticalFlaw: holy shit jewlander won gold and a lifetime sentence in jail for killing everyone else in the league
Jewlander: hey at least I won gold
Jewlander: I'll fucking take it
Jewlander: take it to my grave I mean

TofuMars: nice weed pun for the celebrated day
TofuMars: Did you put hemp milk and hash-laced cookies for Snoop Dogg last night so that he climbs down your chimney to fill your plastic bags with kush?

CriticalFlaw: if you were a wrestler this would probably be your theme song
Jewlander: so appropriate
Jewlander: this literally just happened
CriticalFlaw: you're shitting me

Gorror: I miss the time when being Jew had a lot of responsabilities and required omnipresence
Gorror: Now it's just about people going to vacation and forgetting about everyone

ApolloTheSpookyLion: noh hate
ApolloTheSpookyLion: noh love
Boolander: Noh....
Boolander: Mercy
ApolloTheSpookyLion: OMG

Sage: boo daddy
Sage: its
Sage: fucking
Sage: november
Sage: turkylander bitch

Rockguy21: When Jewlander puts a listing on

Snuff/15: what hud you usin
Jewlander: Ya_Hud
Snuff/15: sounds ghetto
Snuff/15: did it come with a boombox
Jewlander: nah, just a colt 45 and 2 zig zags

Ex And Oh: 4x sick? Hope tomorrow is a combo breaker.

JshBet8: two gigantic beers only go so far though
JshBet8: now I'm just relaxed
JshBet8: RIP drunk Jsh
Jewlander: Please everyone welcome relaxed jsh, a 150% improvement in relaxedness compared to normal jsh. the memorial for drunk jsh will be held tomorrow at 8pm PST
JshBet8: hahaha

Vo0: most impressive single hat collection yet ! #Journeyends
Vo0: Grats man grats
Jewlander: Thank you so much man, comments from you especially mean quite a bit haha
Vo0: now i got a new fap material whenever i get on xD
Vo0: Glad to have you along for the ride
Jewlander: oh my god
Jewlander: vo0 pleaseee
Vo0: lolol

JshBet8: I didn't stand up for the irregardless people
JshBet8: then they came for the they're their there people
JshBet8: then they came for the affect effect people
JshBet8: and I said nothing
JshBet8: and then there was no one left to help me when I used semicolons improperly ;_;
JshBet8: off I went to the grammar concentration camps
Jewlander: I am actually laughing at that hypothetical grammar persecution
Jewlander: does that make me a bad jew?
Jewlander: cause wow
JshBet8: it makes you the best jew

14357: build a grumpy bunker
Jewlander: omg
Jewlander: that
Jewlander: made me laugh far too much
Jewlander: I pictured
Jewlander: a bunker
Jewlander: with huge bushy cartoon eyebrows
Jewlander: and a groucho marx mustache
Jewlander: being all grumpy
Jewlander: and you were inside
Jewlander: with the same face
14357: lol
14357: I'd just sit in there arms crossed
14357: hating everything to keep alive

Jew noh it:
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Added for trade.
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got a sunbeam law. if your interested, add a offer pls
Koomgs Feb 21 @ 1:20pm 
Hi, just wanted to let you know (and the people visiting ur profile) that there is an impersonator of you going around, his url ends with "JewLanderMiitonoh". I blocked them but I just wanted to let other people know about that
Hilbert-WARing [S] Keys $1.90 Feb 21 @ 10:54am 
Oh hey. Wondering what steps you took to sell your Scorching BOA. I've had mine for a while and you recently sold it for a GP + $380. Teach me your ways. :P