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trying finding nemo dies in from finding finding dory while finding water ocean it on finding pussy
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Best video of all time

*DEAD*(TEAM) Jinx : stop saying daddy sole

seraph: can you change your profile picture to something more
chub: give me a new anime guy
seraph: no
seraph: change it to something with meaning
seraph: like
seraph: if you support cancer
seraph: you change your picture to someone who has cancer
chub: se nd pic
chub: someone who has downs
seraph: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/4d/Otakuthon_2014_(14850728278).jpg/220px-Otakuthon_2014_(14850728278).jpg
seraph: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/45/6a/d5/456ad522187c2bf7a4c71efa815a6607.png
seraph: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/78/2d/90/782d902e740540319f21b9e4e3df9b86.png
chub: 2nd one?
seraph: whichever
seraph: someone will take interest in omeagle

Trade Offer

ThePrince #DJ: Hey I am intersted in your unusual but i want to check if its not bug/glitch after trading. you have a close friend online?




I aspire to be like this person:


Foosa's Concubine ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Unusual History
Blizzardy Storm Whoopee Cap - 15 keys

a simple pinecone: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
brb getting bleach: a simple pinecone
brb getting bleach: brb getting bleach: a simple pinecone

Foosa: chubb i cant play lobbies for now
Foosa: fucking cancerous brothers
Foosa: playing max volume
Foosa: after going to private school, josh turns into a snobbish arrogant bitch

Chubbabubb: jesus fuck dude
Chubbabubb: i have dog shit on my shoe
Chubbabubb: its disgusting
Chubbabubb: every 5 seconds the smell just wafts up to me
Chubbabubb: its like moldly old fartsx10 + diarherra
tiMe: Ah you stepped in muselk

in tf2c
spastic: why is mine counting down?
johnny: bomb count
spastic: ????????????
johnny: if you dont leave in that time it ddoss your net

Yohan: Could u plz cut it
Yohan: Boss
Chubbabubb: meybe
Yohan: I cant finish without that clip :(
Yohan: Boss pliss gives me da video pliss
Chubbabubb: lol
Chubbabubb: meybe
Chubbabubb: yea ill do it later
Yohan: Ty

Foosa: the power of vaseline

Towser: wow is that u in ur profil pic??
gamergrill123: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Towser: ur kind a cute tbh :3 xx
gamergrill123: give me items
gamergrill123: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
gamergrill123: im a gamer grill

Rift: bgwkhgvblkfj;lkd'
Rift: are you a poo poo?
Chubbabubb: bunga
Chubbabubb: no
Chubbabubb: im not a poo poo
Rift: ok good
Chubbabubb: :D

TF2Center: Leadership transfered to johnny
TF2Center: The Epic Lamb was banned from this Lobby by johnny
johnny: ah fuck misclick!

Foosa: unlike mucus just vomiting out shit
Foosa: im getting too old for this shit

Foosa: this mac is a giant black tumour nestled like a rock in my brain

foosa: im on life support and im deliberately got my hand around the plug

foosa: ::::::::::::::::::::::::E
foosa: im a spider
foosa: im tired of clicking these memes

Yohan: Gripping the reins of reality in an attempt to tame the mustang

The Story of Reiji [pastebin.com]
The Salt of Reiji after Pastebin [imgur.com]
Reiji talking to a member of that team [imgur.com]

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yppohc: oi
chub: yap
yppohc: i held my breath at school today
yppohc: during class
yppohc: i held it for so long i passed out on the desk
yppohc: i woke up really quickly apparently
yppohc: i had no idea what happend
yppohc: it's funny
yppohc: when you pass out
yppohc: you don't remember anything
yppohc: literally nothing
chub: WTF
chub: HAHAHA
yppohc: you wonder what happened
yppohc: i got sat up on my chair upon recovering
yppohc: i was like
yppohc: wtf
yppohc: did i sleep
yppohc: what happened
yppohc: i tried to remember
yppohc: but i was only able to speculate that i must have passed out from not breathing
chub: UR SO DUMB
chub: HAHAH
yppohc: it wasn't my fault
yppohc: my teacher shouldn't have been so boring on the last day of school
chub: LOL

choppy: Hedgehogs are just boneless rats

twitch.tv/mackeytwitch hdead: CAN I GET UHHH 🅱️ONELESS 🅱️IZZA WITH TWO 🅱️OKES


23:59:02 johno: that feel when someone says that chub would be better pocket than you :(

(TEAM) huphiiiiii : I hate ypu

god logs

chub: im still gonna send u pics of my shit
chub: feel free to send me urs
chub: :D
Sperkle #Lf Subs: now go away im playng minecraft


Lazz: Whenever I get hard I think of my dead grandma and it goes away XD

my nama jef: Hello All im Sam, you're friendly med main.
my nama jef: ur prorfile
my nama jef: *your
my nama jef: you're = you are
my nama jef: Hello All im Sam, you are friendly med main
my nama jef: or
my nama jef: Hello All im Sam, your friendly med main
PC | Sam(Haste): you wanna fucking get your throat slit keep it up

I'm Marina Joyce and you're watching Disney Channel and yeah guys I'm Marina Joyce and if you want to watch Disney channel stay tuned like if you want to watch Disney shows just keep watching and I'm Marina Joyce.


chub: https://www.twitch.tv/qixalite/v/108477600
foosa: make a yt channel named: Chubby ASMR
chub: AT THE END
chub: end pls
chub: pls
chub: pls
chub: https://www.twitch.tv/qixalite/v/108477600
chub: https://www.twitch.tv/qixalite/v/108477600
chub: https://www.twitch.tv/qixalite/v/108477600
chub: https://www.twitch.tv/qixalite/v/108477600
foosa: i am
chub: i scream
chub: listen
foosa: sec i got an ad
foosa: amirite
chub: ye
chub: dude
chub: the scream is so perfect
foosa: holy shit that was amazing
chub: HAHAHA
foosa: it tingled me

my idol <3

Haste #MedMain: next time yo come to sa i will punch a hole throughj your nekc

chubbabubb: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ct6BUPvE2sM
chubbabubb: u said his pencil moustache turns u
chubbabubb: *turns u on
foosa: it does

YishYashYosh: Fun Fact: I have a right to use lenny faces and XD whenever I want to. They don't determine one's maturity on the internet...

foosa lft: some 62 yr old man has a fetish for thicc kids

chub: are u looking at these memes
foosa lft: sadly yes


Lazz merc: LOL
choob: choob: play pootis
choob: we can trade sandviches
choppy: why would i highlander
choppy: if there's a 6s up
choob: wtf
choob: u ass
Lazz merc: aussie pro ks
Lazz merc: rocket launcher
Lazz merc: look my bp
Lazz merc: i told him to sell it for 5 dollars on the market
Lazz merc: AND HE DID
choob: WTF
choob: ur such an asshole
choob: u still owe me 10 keys

spn: ill destrooy ur bum hole tonite
spn: just u wait

ipo: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/thelostchromozone
bone marrow is boneless bone has changed their name to m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM.
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: hello
ipo: yes
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: may i join youre casual team
ipo: send me some logs and screenshots
ipo: ill rEview them
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: it was 4:52
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: and got all the recordings too
ipo: yes
ipo: i see
ipo: ur logs are pretty baed
ipo: r u lvl150
ipo: in the casual mode
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: hmm i got 10 kills in a 10 minute ctf_2fort match
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: call me a nostalgic but i just love the original tf2 maps
ipo: how mnay hours omn game?
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: 200
ipo: ur in
ipo: welcome
ipo: to the STD clan
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: WOW
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: im very excited thanks for this great oppurtuna
ipo: no worries
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: i will try my hardest at spy and seek to imrprove
ipo: we aspire to be the greatest
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: ive already started to watch some stab stab
ipo: that is the right attitude and mentality
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: :)))
ipo: come to our mumble
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: ok
ipo: we will GET u sorted
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: what is mumble
ipo: mumble
ipo: is like facetiume
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: i talk loudly
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: i dont mumble
ipo: without the face
ipo: u can talk normally
ipo: mumble is just clickbait title
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: who would want to mumbe????

enemy enemy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-TKHDguMDg
enemy enemy: NO Ay
enemy enemy: NO WAY
enemy enemy: MP WAY
enemy enemy: NO FUCKING WAY
enemy enemy: no joke when u did the face Reveal
enemy enemy: was when u came back to tf2

mackey: later
#spnfacereveal: fcuk u faggot
mackey: lmao
#spnfacereveal: i hope you die
#spnfacereveal: ur mum needs bowel cancer
#spnfacereveal: and ur fucking muck
mackey: is spin still on ur team?
#spnfacereveal: stupid faggot
#spnfacereveal: i hope you are castrated
#spnfacereveal: idiot
mackey: XD
#spnfacereveal: ur a fuckin rat
#spnfacereveal: and i wish ur dick was long enough to reach and rape ur own bum
#spnfacereveal: but its a fucking toothpick so all you can do is stub ur own fucking thigh over and over
mackey: https://steamcommunity-a.akamaihd.net/economy/emoticon/smug
#spnfacereveal: excel needs the same treatment
#spnfacereveal: faggot idiot
mackey: he just outbrained u

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yea u best be sayin that else im boutta have to call up my mf BOYS
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no sperkle is bae
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hey u lil aussie igloo kangaroo lookin ass dont diss my nigga S P A R K L E else u gon have to fuck with yo man MOONRISE
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-rep bad cosmetics
choppy Jul 6 @ 7:32am 
whomst do you think you are
running around leaving scars
something about a jar of hearts
whomst do you think you are
choppy Jul 6 @ 7:23am 
iey lovey you baby <3~