Jason Doucette
Jason Doucette   Seattle, Washington, United States
I'm the co-founder and lead programmer at Xona Games:

Decimation X (XBLIG)
Decimation X2 (WP7)
Decimation X3 (XBLIG)
Score Rush (XBLIG)
Duality ZF (XBLA, PSN, Steam) (in development)

(XBLIG = Xbox LIVE Indie Games, XBLA = Xbox LIVE Arcade, WP7 = Windows Phone 7, PSN = PlayStation Network)

I have been programming and inventing computer graphics technology since I was 7. I even programmed my own chess engine. I have developed my own GUI systems, physics engines, utilities, and simulations. I own at least one current and one prior world record. I have a fascination with mathematical artwork. I wrote an extensive errata list for Charles Petzold's Win32 programming bible. I can solve a Rubik's Cube in 20 seconds.

Xona Games [xona.com]
Duality ZF [dualityzf.com]
Decimation X3 [decimationx.com]
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