Mr. Vane
Jeff Vane
A chill asian dude that plays games.

I am in the absolutely necessary requirement of adquiring supplementary organical compounds used for medical purposes only, which are contained inside the carrying device known as "bag", which is a two handle, light container able to transport a variety of objects that may be helpful for the person carrying that container, and by making use of the medical supplementary compouns, i will be able to restore myself to full health by treating my wounds caused by proyectiles knows as bullets, which were fired by the police right to my chest and are causing me to spill the content of my body called blood, which is very dangerous for my integrity, and also allowing me to regain strenght and being able to continue my time on this existance in a life of moraly ambiguous acts of taking money from a bank containment unit names as vault, which keeps the money of the citizens of the United States of America safe, and being able to gain a physically useless but meaningful object of paper known as money

Cool Dude.
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