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How To Admin Abuse By Fwishy:

*SPEC* bee : anyone need sub? :o
(Spectator) fwishy : no if you sub before me
*SPEC* bee : oh its fwishy nvm
(Spectator) fwishy : ban
(Spectator) bee : LOL
(Spectator) fwishy : :)
(Spectator) bee : I KNEW IT
(Spectator) fwishy : ya
(Spectator) fwishy : now you know i admin abuse
(Spectator) bee : dont worry i wont tell
(Spectator) bee : ;)
(Spectator) fwishy : thanks
(Spectator) fwishy : if not i ban you
(Spectator) fwishy : :D
(Spectator) fwishy : be careful
(Spectator) bee : okay ill post it on my profile then
(Spectator) fwishy : wow
(Spectator) fwishy : ok ban
(Spectator) bee : :D

(Spectator) bee : I LOVE YOU DANGEROUSLY
(Spectator) fwishy : who is dangerously
(Spectator) fwishy : why are you loving him
(Spectator) fwishy : or her
(Spectator) fwishy : or it
*DEAD* Syce lft : xd
(Spectator) fwishy : hah lame jokes
(Spectator) bee : WAIT
(Spectator) bee : NO
(Spectator) fwishy : im funny
(Spectator) fwishy : SAY IM FUNNNY
(Spectator) fwishy : or ban
(Spectator) Gibuses Maximus : ok
(Spectator) Gibuses Maximus : ur funny
(Spectator) fwishy : good
(Spectator) fwishy : good good
(Spectator) Gibuses Maximus : giove me admin now
(Spectator) Pepe Crimson : fwishy you are damn funny
(Spectator) fwishy : thank you i know
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wow how to get all 520 achievements :D
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linka so sexy <3
KalPoops Jun 28 @ 11:26pm 
Oh ok thx. Thx for the caring
KalPoops Jun 28 @ 7:57pm 
I ain't that pro and you are better than me
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-rep retarded with small dick
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