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Amantha   California, United States
hi i'm a grill and i make a mean girlled cheese
dont hit on me ur silly boygurs (;
dream hats:
Safe'n'Sound with Kill-a-Watt ☑
War Pig with Cloud 9 ☑
Bonk Boy with Cloud 9 ☑
Wraith Wrap with Cloud 9 ☑
Surgeon's Shako with Sunbeams or Miami Nights ☐
Blighted Beak with Cloud 9 ☐
Anger with Kill-a-Watt ☐
Copper's Hard Top with Burning Flames ☐
Big Chief/Bunsen Brave with Power Surge or Roboactive ☐
Charmer's Chapeau with Power Surge or Roboactive ☐

Highlander History:
Season 20: Scout
Season 19: Pyro
Season 18: Pyro
Season 17: Sniper(Sub)
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T r y h a r d : 3 Jun 22 @ 9:58pm 
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T r y h a r d : 3 Jun 18 @ 4:47pm 
I'm really new to the game and wanted to play with my friend in VS. When I first got in there was a guy spamming !ready in team chat. I was very concerned as I normally play without any sound and the exclamation point was going to wake up my dog. Luckily he stopped typing !ready, and the zombies attacked us. So I did the reasonable thing and started running for it. They started calling me mean names in chat but how was I the bad one when all 3 of them were being attacked by the zombies and I wasn't? But I didn't let that stop me I've played a little bit of campaign and know about rescue closets, and so I waited for them to spawn, and they refused to spawn from the closet. I then decided to let the bot take over and go AFK, had to check up on my dog since they were yelling at me in chat. When I got back I was greeted with a message saying that I was kicked WTF Normally the game waits for me to vote on it but just like American elections my vote didn't matter
T r y h a r d : 3 Jun 18 @ 4:45pm 
T r y h a r d : 3 Jun 18 @ 4:45pm 
T r y h a r d : 3 May 22 @ 10:39am 
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