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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Feb 26 @ 3:22am


Spend big at the Acquisitions Department
Unlocked Feb 24 @ 12:48am

Castle Crasher

Clear the First Chamber 50 Times
Unlocked Feb 27 @ 12:19pm

Dungeon Diver

Clear the Second Chamber 40 Times
Unlocked Feb 11 @ 5:57am

Going Down

Open the shortcut to the Second Chamber
Unlocked Feb 23 @ 12:52am

Not Just A Box

Get the jump on a Mimic
Unlocked Feb 5 @ 1:28pm

I Knew Someone Would Do It

Unlocked Feb 24 @ 1:34am

Pit Lord

Kill 100 enemies by knocking them into pits

Lead God

Collect five Master Rounds in one run


Construct the Bullet that can kill the Past


Complete all 4 main character Pasts


Defeat the Boss of the Fifth Chamber

Mine Master

Clear the Third Chamber 30 Times
15 / 30

Hollowed Out

Clear the Fourth Chamber 20 Times
1 / 20


Clear the Fifth Chamber 10 Times
0 / 10

Biggest Wallet

Carry a large amount of money at once

Cartographer's Assistant

Map the first Five Chambers for the lost adventurer
3 / 5


Deliver the Golem's replacement arm

Weird Tale

Complete Frifle's Challenges
3 / 15


Ace Winchester's game 3 times
0 / 3

Hedge Slinger

Win a wager against the Gunsling King 5 times
3 / 5

Going Downer

Open the shortcut to the Third Chamber

Going Downest

Open the shortcut to the Fourth Chamber

Last Stop

Open the shortcut to the Fifth Chamber

Sworn Gun

Avenge Manuel

Gungeon Acolyte

Complete the Tutorial

Great Hall

Populate the Breach
8 / 12

Demolition Man

Kill a frozen enemy by rolling into it

Woodsie Lord

Steal 10 things
0 / 10

Day Ruiner

Kill a boss after covering it with glitter

Money Pit

Kill 100 enemies by dropping chandeliers
9 / 100


Kill 100 enemies while riding in a mine cart
0 / 100

Rage Mode

Always be flipping. Guns are for flippers
439 / 500

Beast Master

Complete the game with Beast Mode on

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