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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Feb 26 @ 3:22am


Spend big at the Acquisitions Department
Unlocked Feb 24 @ 12:48am

Castle Crasher

Clear the First Chamber 50 Times
Unlocked Feb 27 @ 12:19pm

Dungeon Diver

Clear the Second Chamber 40 Times
Unlocked Jul 23 @ 10:12pm

Mine Master

Clear the Third Chamber 30 Times
Unlocked Jul 14 @ 10:52pm

Hedge Slinger

Win a wager against the Gunsling King 5 times
Unlocked Feb 11 @ 5:57am

Going Down

Open the shortcut to the Second Chamber
Unlocked Aug 9 @ 2:14am

Going Downer

Open the shortcut to the Third Chamber
Unlocked Aug 26 @ 10:55pm

Going Downest

Open the shortcut to the Fourth Chamber
Unlocked Feb 23 @ 12:52am

Not Just A Box

Get the jump on a Mimic
Unlocked Feb 5 @ 1:28pm

I Knew Someone Would Do It

Unlocked Aug 10 @ 1:59am

Day Ruiner

Kill a boss after covering it with glitter
Unlocked Feb 24 @ 1:34am

Pit Lord

Kill 100 enemies by knocking them into pits
Unlocked Jul 1 @ 12:33am

Rage Mode

Always be flipping. Guns are for flippers

Lead God

Collect five Master Rounds in one run


Construct the Bullet that can kill the Past


Complete all 4 main character Pasts


Defeat the Boss of the Fifth Chamber

Hollowed Out

Clear the Fourth Chamber 20 Times
13 / 20


Clear the Fifth Chamber 10 Times
0 / 10

Biggest Wallet

Carry a large amount of money at once

Cartographer's Assistant

Map the first Five Chambers for the lost adventurer
3 / 5


Deliver the Golem's replacement arm

Weird Tale

Complete Frifle's Challenges
6 / 15


Ace Winchester's game 3 times
0 / 3

Last Stop

Open the shortcut to the Fifth Chamber

Sworn Gun

Avenge Manuel

Gungeon Acolyte

Complete the Tutorial

Great Hall

Populate the Breach
8 / 12

Demolition Man

Kill a frozen enemy by rolling into it

Woodsie Lord

Steal 10 things
0 / 10

Money Pit

Kill 100 enemies by dropping chandeliers
21 / 100


Kill 100 enemies while riding in a mine cart
7 / 100

Beast Master

Complete the game with Beast Mode on

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