Video games :3


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∫Sashavol 7月20日下午9:29 
@alkahest_ Not sure about the general population, but there's still plenty of activity on https://discord.me/spelunky .
alkahest_ 7月20日下午1:43 
Real quick question: Why does it seem like Spelunky went into hibernation? I never see anyone play it much often anymore.
stongion/geri döndüm 5月31日上午9:23 
ᕼᗩᐯᕮ ᗩ GᖇᕮᗩT ᗯᕮᕮKᕮᑎᗪ ᗩᔕ ᗯᕮᒪᒪ
Derek 2月21日下午4:32 
Hey there! Noticed you put some stuff into Table Top Simulator! Being someone who wanted to put some of my 3d Modeling to the test, I was hoping you could show me the basics? I was hoping to make DOOM(2016) the Board Game by Fantasy flight.
Green Skelly 1月19日上午5:59 
added to play spelunky :D
dimii 2016年7月18日上午10:50 
Hello im buying all class unusuals