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Jasper   Netherlands
<--- Me IRL, the dankest of wankers, Well met! 4Head

Note : If you sent a friend request and I'm not replying, you are most likely blocked or you play Ayla...
Also if I've deleted you from my friendslist then we propably don't talk at all.

Hello random steam user!
my name is Jas123c and I play awesomenauts alot, if you want to see me play awesomenauts check me out on youtube or twitch.
- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9JxH5bkzWvzE-zF1LVCFQQ
- http://www.twitch.tv/jas123c/profile


AwesomenautsSilver : pan the camera on me at all times pls
Jellhey : no pls
Jellhey : i wanna see epic jas123c plays pls
AwesomenautsSilver : the legend?
Jellhey : he tryharded the whole time
Jellhey : he better carry

AwesomenautsSilver : Jas "The Man, The Myth, The Meme" 123c?
Jellhey : jas the carry lord420 123c

19:56 - Sir 13ET: you're a well-know creep stealer within the awesomenauts community
19:56 - Sir 13ET: I can encourage such behaviour

eddster: I would have been a nazi no doubt

Jambo: Who's playing?
eddster: Me sam and jas
eddster: In b4 sentry ban
*sentry ban*
eddster: LUL

niki *owns with Skoll*
eddster: How do you even do that?
niki: Sorona gives me strength!

Tempas *making some BIG mistakes*
1/6 EleGiggle

Voltar - niki agrees with not being viable in competitive however believes that voltar doesn’t deserve buffs due to him being already very viable in pubs.
*gets owned by Jas voltar in a scrim*

Tsu : I hope you die of cholesterol you FATTY!

22:25 - Sam!: i legit need someone to give me £5 for sunday lmao
22:25 - Jas123c: Hey sam! [̲̅£̲̅(̲̅5)̲̅£̲̅]ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ง It's me walking with my £5, don't mind me.

Skner : Voltar is such a froggy counter.

Eddster : Winning a BO5 vs team Keznia takes just as much time as a single draft VS HDTV at this rate...

20:48 - Jelly, LF1: i swear
20:48 - Jelly, LF1: the better u are at nauts
20:49 - Jelly, LF1: the more chromosones u have

<21:20:43> "ℱℓσω": She was going to dump me so I scuffed her ass.

16:57 - Dr. Aven: ur
16:57 - Dr. Aven: legit
16:57 - Dr. Aven: trash
16:57 - Dr. Aven: at skoll

Jelly : My biggest dream is drawing penises on the minimap, in competitive play.
Jelly : If it's outside of competitive play pointless, in comptetitive PogChamp.

18:36 - Tactics Are Underrated!: I call it solo
18:36 - Tactics Are Underrated!: because its just 1 person except me

20:00 - NeloDante: Gg Wp
20:00 - NeloDante: Always fun to play with yo man
20:00 - NeloDante: You also know how to take jokes
20:02 - Jas123c: 20:01 - Jas123c: I can take a joke very well
20:02 - Jas123c: I've put up with smiles for almost a month now xD

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thanks gamer, I needed this
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lol jas the fag deletes comments
zeg685 Aug 11, 2016 @ 8:58am 
best dick wanker of the dick wankers
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Terrible player, but one of the dankest of wankers

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