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me irl getting hit by truck

am i kawaii?

stop collapsing the walls to my echo chamber


6:52 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: can you not go 10 minutes without trying to offend someone

♂♂♂ post this on your profile if you think women should have no rights ♂♂♂

4:40 PM - clik hear 2 get t3h fr33 pr0n!1!: are you cumming onto me?
4:41 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: anytime u want bby

6:56 PM - gender studies degree: *screams like a banshee*
6:57 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: *screams like two banshees*
6:57 PM - gender studies degree: *screams like a mandrake*
6:57 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: >man
6:57 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: you're a traitor to the craft
6:57 PM - gender studies degree: fUCK

8:54 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: i love sasuke-sama so much
8:54 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: i wish to nestle between his testicles

Patchouli Knowledge: i can like things that are older than me
Patchouli Knowledge: like my taste in men

9:38 PM - MEME MEME MEME: *breasts bounce*
9:39 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: breasts have no effect on me
9:38 PM - MEME MEME MEME: *balls bounce

9:43 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: give me something i haven't seen
9:43 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: so i have an example
9:43 PM - : straight porn
9:44 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: asshat


9:16 PM - bejewled r34: should i run this media player i didn't ask to install?
9:16 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: what's it called
9:16 PM - bejewled r34: wmplayer.exe.vbs
9:17 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: don't trust it
9:17 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: what you need is ilivid

ingestor: 8============D
jowe: gay
ingestor: sry
ingestor: 8=D
ingestor: fixed
jowe: rly gay
ingestor: 8D
ingestor: fixed
jowe: yucky
ingestor: ( . Y . )
ingestor: fixed
jowe: -_- im asenuasl
ingestor: srry spongebob

7:33 PM - sick loli: pathc awanan see
7:33 PM - sick loli: bobos
7:33 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: y
7:33 PM - sick loli: cauze i m hoteristic
7:33 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: k
7:33 PM - sick loli: \gaUze*
7:33 PM - sick loli: ( . Y . Y . )
7:34 PM - sick loli: lick my thart tittey?
7:34 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: nn
7:36 PM - sick loli: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa\ why ay patco

7:38 PM - we wuz kangaroos: Um
7:38 PM - we wuz kangaroos: Logical Fallacies Are Kinda Sexist
7:38 PM - we wuz kangaroos: Why Is It Called A Strawman?
7:38 PM - we wuz kangaroos: Why Not A Strawwoman?
7:38 PM - we wuz kangaroos: Ugh...
7:38 PM - we wuz kangaroos: Male Dominance In Logical Fallacies.....
7:38 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: if it was a strawwoman you would just complain that it was painting women in a negative light
7:38 PM - we wuz kangaroos: SHUT UP
7:38 PM - we wuz kangaroos: BLOCKED
7:38 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: y-
7:39 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: you too...

12:27 AM - pelis: patchouli is your vaginaneaneanenae restaurant open yet
12:28 AM - Patchouli Knowledge: it's been ope
12:28 AM - Patchouli Knowledge: nnnnnnnnnnn
12:28 AM - pelis: did u just cum
12:28 AM - Patchouli Knowledge: maybe

9:09 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: my brother makes me horny
9:09 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: should i go for it
9:09 PM - ♥i l o v e m i n e c r a f t♥: yes
9:10 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: okay afk

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other quotes and shit frum my ferns
me irl

ı ʇuop uɐıssnɹ pooƃ ʞɐǝds ı

8:23 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: saying no homo doesn't count
8:23 PM - social justice grand wizard: no hemo

11:40 AM - Patchouli Knowledge: you have to punish me now eiki-senpai~

11:44 AM - Patchouli Knowledge: i've swallowed so much semen i've developed a highly contagious and untreatable form of stomach cancer
11:44 AM - Patchouli Knowledge: like
11:44 AM - Patchouli Knowledge: gallons is an understatement
11:44 AM - Patchouli Knowledge: we're talking oceans
11:45 AM - Patchouli Knowledge: i wake up surrounded by an ocean of semen
11:45 AM - Patchouli Knowledge: and i have to drink it to get back to land
11:45 AM - Patchouli Knowledge: i do this every day

9:11 PM - dental plan: who's your breast friend in minecraft oral life
9:11 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: my pet wolf
9:11 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: oral every night

11:50 AM - sick loli: *covers you in my sticky web*
11:50 AM - sick loli: *eats fruit*
11:51 AM - sick loli: reminder that female spiders can cover you in their sticky web
11:53 AM - swagume kishin: kinda hot tbh
11:53 AM - swagume kishin: please dont quote me on that i didnt mean it

4:52 PM - uncanny valley girl: eat this really long spaghetti
4:52 PM - uncanny valley girl: and large
4:52 PM - uncanny valley girl: ok
4:52 PM - uncanny valley girl: ignore how it's pink
4:53 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: this seems suspiciously like a penis
4:53 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: i'm not going to lie
4:53 PM - uncanny valley girl: it's intestines
4:53 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: but intestines are hollow
4:53 PM - uncanny valley girl: so are dicks
4:53 PM - uncanny valley girl: prove me wrong
4:53 PM - uncanny valley girl: exactly
4:53 PM - uncanny valley girl: no dicks in gensexyo
4:53 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: i'm going to get a bisection of a penis
4:53 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: hang on
4:54 PM - uncanny valley girl: the penis snakes dont count
4:54 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: oh GOD I DIDN'T EXPECT ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPHS

8:07 PM - uncanny valley girl: You go down the drain into the sewage system.
8:08 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: it's damp down here
8:08 PM - uncanny valley girl: You can go north, south, east or west
8:08 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: nw
8:08 PM - uncanny valley girl: you walk into the wall's sharp corner
8:08 PM - uncanny valley girl: sawing yourself in half
8:08 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: rip
8:08 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: no pun intended
8:08 PM - uncanny valley girl: am i doing text adventures right
8:08 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: yes
8:08 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: spot on actually
8:08 PM - uncanny valley girl: good

8:28 AM - illegal substance: people are super pissed i spoiled fallout 4
8:29 AM - bhopped out of nagasaki: yeah lol
8:29 AM - bhopped out of nagasaki: ur group
8:28 AM - illegal substance: SUPER PISSED
8:29 AM - bhopped out of nagasaki: No shit
8:29 AM - bhopped out of nagasaki: ppl wait for that game 7 years and u spoil em
8:29 AM - bhopped out of nagasaki: i dont rly give fuck i play for the entire story, even if i know the ending i wanna know what leads up to that
8:29 AM - illegal substance: this person went out of their way to kick me from any group they could kick me from
8:29 AM - illegal substance: but i regret nothing
8:29 AM - illegal substance: this is hilarious
8:29 AM - bhopped out of nagasaki: james felicia internet most wanted

11:35 AM - 「wow」: bob
11:36 AM - 「wow」: bb*

9:18 PM - 「wow」: wow!
9:18 PM - ingestor: fagt
9:18 PM - 「wow」: wow!
9:18 PM - ingestor: say wow if ur gay
9:18 PM - 「wow」: wow!
9:18 PM - 「wow」: FUCK

😍daddy😈💓loves me💓, thinks i'm a 🙏godsend💘, when i 👯shake👯 my little booty in👱meemaw's depends!👱 i 💓shake💓it to the👈left👈and i 💓shake💓it to the👉right👉, 😍daddy😍😲unzips😲and i'm😵filled with delight😵he 🚶struts🚶up🔺🔺to me and😆grabs😆my😋booty😌, he👊slaps me😭in the😍face😍and🕐counts◻🕓back◾from🕖three▫! the 🕛timer's🕛run out and i 😣feel a little poke😣😚, he😥pushes😥into me with a😰slippery stroke😰😰, 😆nine hard inches😲😲going👉👌into my bum👉👌, only to😌think😌that he💢started💢with his👍thumb👍, i'm not😎fully ready😎as his😜willing🍡cock-tube➰, so he💨pumps💨 a little💢harder💥using my😆🏮blood🏮as💋lube💋, fill me👄daddy👄fill me 👅daddy👅💕fill a little😰more💗, pump your🍌juices🍌inside your little👼baby whore👼😈, 😱oh no😱, look at that, i've💩💩soiled💩💩on the⬇⬇floor! 😇please don't hit me😇😍💋daddy💓, i just😅😍want your😚love😘😘, he😌answers😚my😓pleads😓with a 😭vicious😭little😠shove😠, i 💢hit💢 my😨head😨 and all i👀see👀 is😵white😵, i think my👄👄daddy💋 might be😡done😣😭for tonight😭😭

11:52 AM - sick loli: patchøuli
11:53 AM - Patchouli Knowledge: Σiki
11:53 AM - sick loli: lets have sΣx
11:53 AM - Patchouli Knowledge: σk
11:53 AM - sick loli: øk
11:53 AM - Patchouli Knowledge: Θk
11:53 AM - sick loli: øh yeah pøøp in mΣ
11:54 AM - Patchouli Knowledge: nΦ
11:54 AM - sick loli: why nøt
11:54 AM - Patchouli Knowledge: thαt's dιsgustιng
11:54 AM - sick loli: nø u
11:54 AM - sick loli: u have nø cøck
11:55 AM - Patchouli Knowledge: ΗΜρΗ
11:55 AM - sick loli: fine nø sΣx 4 u

3:25 PM - jowe: he calls me cringe then tells us about a markiplier video hes watching

5:46 PM - 「wow」: oh also the candlemen have an attack where they throw wax at you so you have sticky, white, viscous fluid dropping off of you
5:46 PM - 「wow」: it looks really gross but kinda turns me on
5:46 PM - 「wow」: i didnt say that btw

6:40 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: that doesn't matter
6:40 PM - Patchouli Knowledge: put a book in your butt

8:36 PM - zoo mage: now im wondering about double jointed dicks

12:08 AM - Mr. Zesty: dOes iT hvE# mJNIOPLNS
12:09 AM - second hand jamesfelicia: yEs CaROL
12:09 AM - Mr. Zesty: sO I waS eATIN tHe YeLLw tiX taac anD i sAID oH i HAVE to PIC @ uP tinmmy froam SOceer practix e
12:10 AM - second hand jamesfelicia: HhA!
12:10 AM - second hand jamesfelicia: caRoL u Alw@yZ 4gET Timey / / / /! ! !
12:11 AM - Mr. Zesty: ThaT"""S WY weRE IN faMILy THeraPY
12:12 AM - second hand jamesfelicia: fAMLy THeRAPY iS a JOKE / / / / / # # LOLL
12:13 AM - Mr. Zesty: THe JudGE sIAd we HAvbe t2 bY lAW
12:13 AM - Mr. Zesty: Tha;t S whY I voTE tRUMP
12:14 AM - second hand jamesfelicia: i WaNT 2 t' OUcH trumPs # RUmP\
12:15 AM - Mr. Zesty: hE"S cUte AnD %%%% DoESn!t HiT mE l1kE mYY HusBANd
12:15 AM - second hand jamesfelicia: oMg iz R0n srslY hiTIn U?^?
12:16 AM - second hand jamesfelicia: thAtZ ilEgAL???
12:17 AM - Mr. Zesty: bUt hE pAAYz the ^^^^ biLL$$$ aND GiVeS tHaT g0000d d^^^ck
12:18 AM - second hand jamesfelicia: mHM i WoU,LD 100%%%%%%%%% stAY w\ HIm too soUNDz likE BLi$$! u uP fOrE a Tr;EEs0mE??
12:19 AM - Mr. Zesty: bUT i***M L8 t0 P1CKK uPP tIIMMY fRom s0000cc3r ()@*(&!(@
12:21 AM - second hand jamesfelicia: wE .cAn doIt iN tH,E CaR wHiLe u drIve An OnCE He # GETZ iN wE cann HAVV A FoRES0m;E!!!
12:21 AM - Mr. Zesty: aWWEsOMe mYY sUV h4z Th3 M1N10N$ movIE
12:22 AM - second hand jamesfelicia: HAA im R3dY!!! sEE u TheR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@
12:23 AM - Mr. Zesty: b3TTer BuYYY GA$
12:23 AM - Mr. Zesty: th3 Fr33 m4RKeT 1$ A jOKEE
12:24 AM - second hand jamesfelicia: cOmUNIz,M &aNd& BERNIE # $iSTER/ /@
12:25 AM - Mr. Zesty: wAnNa ZEIZE tHe MeaNS oF pRODucT1oNN="=!===
12:26 AM - second hand jamesfelicia: sAVE iT f0r AFteR thE ForSoME ! ! ! !! i G2.G sO i WonT be LaTE 4 ThE ORgEY

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