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During the past few weeks, I have been bombarded with friend requests from Members in my server. I decided to add a few people to be nice, but sadly some people seem to have the urge to spam me whenever I open TF2 or any other game on Steam. In addition, several users have been messaging me on and on about becoming staff on my server every single day, interrupting me and several other people when I'm trying to arrange important server events, talk to people or just want to play some TF2 on my own or with my friends without three people at once asking to do a YouTube video with me. Since I don't want to make it obvious who has done this, I am simply removing anyone who I do not 100% know. Now, I must ensure that you are aware that if you may've been removed from my friends list on Discord or Steam and you haven't done any of these, do not worry as you may've done absolutely nothing wrong, you people who drop me a message now and then and have a friendly conversation instead of spamming me with "James" every single time I come online are great, but some people simply have to ruin it for awesome people like you. I'm sorry I've had to do this, but 110 unread messages notifications a day are simply unnecessary. (P.S: I'm also doing this because I'd just generally prefer to be friends on steam and discord with people who are actually my friend.)

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