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Posted: Dec 16, 2015 @ 1:30am

Generally, I play games on normal difficulty. Sometimes I drop it down to easy, because I'm a filthy casual. I didn't think I'd enjoy this game but I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since I started.

The world is beautiful (once you get DSfix) in a run down way. It starts out with fairly typical undead ruins but gets weirder from there. The lore is largely unspoken, it is relayed through descriptions on items and how the world works. This is similar to the database in the first Mass Effect and I love it here just as much.

The gameplay is tough. My first learning experience was near the start of the game. I had amassed a sizable amount of Humanity (a resource used in the game for various things) and because it increases item find I thought it'd be good to use it all. This means that I could lose it if I died, but I figured I'd have no problem getting to my bloodstain (which restores your lost Humanity and Souls). Then I met the first boss. He killed me. A lot. And then I died on the way back before I could get my bloodstain. All those Souls and Humanity - gone. I got mad. I stopped playing for the night. But I came back with an altered mindset: the only thing you lose by dying is whatever you choose to risk. Once I got into that mindset death doesn't bother me as much, although I am still cautious. I can see the effects of getting better at the game mechanics. I can see the benefit of my improved arms and armor. I "broke through the wall".

It was worth it.
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