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Have fun trying to connect to their "online services". I've been getting stonewalled by Activision support for over a month now.
Posted December 27, 2016.
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Played the beta, got bored fast. Tried this again on sale and got hooked hard. Dark Zone is cool, missions are fun with people. Still too much running around the empty streets though, but oh well.
Posted November 25, 2016.
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Do you want to feel metal as ♥♥♥♥? Do you want to not only punch demons in the face, but rip their entire head in half? How about using a super shotgun to blow chunks of flesh from the filth of hell, who dared to enter your world? Do you want to play as the physical embodiment of rage while listening to awesome metal guitars?

I've got the game for you!
Posted November 25, 2016.
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I enjoy it. Campaign is fun, zombies is fun, I'm bad at multiplayer but it's still fun. It's not CSGO or TF2, so people will whine. It's not perfect, but it's fine.
Posted November 6, 2016.
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I tried to defend this game, I really did. It has a neat concept and was talked up very well. I bought in to the hype. I played it for about 20 hours, but after that it just loses steam... there's simply not much to do. I kept positive, thinking that the devs would continue to support the game and add more stuff as promised. As you can see that hasn't happened as the last patch was almost 8 weeks ago at time of writing.

Combat is laughable bad. Enemies cannot miss so there's no point to moving. The same type of enemies attack you on every planet, and they get mad at you for performing the core mechanic of the game (mining, collecting stuff). It's just annoying and adds nothing to the gameplay.

Space combat is also laughably bad. It is slow, unwieldy, and feels like you're plinking the other ships with BB guns. Your ship shield will take heavy damage which you have to repair in flight by opening the inventory and combining it which needless to say quickly gets old.

And then there's the inventory, which is trash. It wasn't designed for the precision of a mouse so everything must be confirmed by holding the button down. There's no way to directly swap two items, you have to use a third, empty slot. If you don't have an empty slot you're just♥♥♥♥♥♥out of luck. It's needlessly complex and annoying to deal with.

The planets can be neat, but there is only so much variety to be seen before it gets old. Poison planet, Rad planet, Ice planet, Plant planet, and so on. They're all different but only so much so, and are rarely very memorable.

Look, I don't have too high standards. If I can get am amusing or novel experience from a game I don't really care how long that experience was, within reason, but this game is just full of broken promises and lost opportunity. If it goes on sale for <30 USD I'd say get it if you're interested in an exploration only game. Otherwise, avoid it.
Posted October 26, 2016.
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After you get used to it, you'll have a supremely customizable controller that lets you play many more games from your couch. I do wish it had an audio jack for voice chat and/or private listening, but what can you do? It may not completely replace a standard controller but it is a great complement to one.
Posted June 3, 2016.
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Generally, I play games on normal difficulty. Sometimes I drop it down to easy, because I'm a filthy casual. I didn't think I'd enjoy this game but I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since I started.

The world is beautiful (once you get DSfix) in a run down way. It starts out with fairly typical undead ruins but gets weirder from there. The lore is largely unspoken, it is relayed through descriptions on items and how the world works. This is similar to the database in the first Mass Effect and I love it here just as much.

The gameplay is tough. My first learning experience was near the start of the game. I had amassed a sizable amount of Humanity (a resource used in the game for various things) and because it increases item find I thought it'd be good to use it all. This means that I could lose it if I died, but I figured I'd have no problem getting to my bloodstain (which restores your lost Humanity and Souls). Then I met the first boss. He killed me. A lot. And then I died on the way back before I could get my bloodstain. All those Souls and Humanity - gone. I got mad. I stopped playing for the night. But I came back with an altered mindset: the only thing you lose by dying is whatever you choose to risk. Once I got into that mindset death doesn't bother me as much, although I am still cautious. I can see the effects of getting better at the game mechanics. I can see the benefit of my improved arms and armor. I "broke through the wall".

It was worth it.
Posted December 16, 2015.
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I wish it wasn't so, but it's awful on PC. I've enjoyed all the other Arkham games (except maybe Origins), and I wanted to love this one but that's tough to do when you can't run it. I didn't even refund it when they took it off of Steam because I wanted to hold out hope that they'd fix it. They took all that time and almost nothing improved.

I'll get it when it's on sale. Playing through the problems it has is not worth the price.
Posted November 8, 2015.
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Lots of people get worked up about nothing. It's a little expensive, I agree. I couldn't care less about the DLC, as it's entirely skins at this point. And they're terrible skins at that. People will drop tons of money on skins in Dota, or even full heroes in Heroes of the Storm, LoL, etc. without a second thought.

As to the game, it's quite fun. I really enjoyed L4D (and L4D2 a little less), and this game feels like a refinement of that formula. Instead of legions of zombies, you face off against one (sometimes more) extremely deadly monster. But it's more than that - the world you are in is extremely hostile and not paying attention can get you eaten by a ape-looking thing, a squid-horse, or a plant that looks like a crocodile. The meat of the game is Evacuation mode, which is analogous to L4D's Campaign mode; except again it has been built upon. For each map you win or lose, there is an effect triggered on the next map. For example, winning on a map with a power station will enable shields on the next map which restrict the monster's movement while losing will release radioactive clouds to damage the hunters.

It's a good game, despite people being upset over next to nothing.
Posted February 12, 2015.
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One of the best open world games I've played. Feels like Crackdown on hallucinogens and with even more ridiculous super powers. Lots of varied activities, and the story isn't half bad - even if it is ludicrous.
Posted February 6, 2015.
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