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I have to remove people from my friends list from time to time to keep it from overfilling. Feel free to re-add. This happens rather regularly now, sadly. Sorry, nothing personal.
Watch comp TF2 stuff, 6v6 and 9v9:
My word and world holds ground and is real
Your word is like floods of poisoned water
A language spoken with spit from different tongues
You can never corrupt me again


Tonight we strike, There is thunder in the sky
Together we'll fight, some of us will die
But they'll always remember that we made a stand
And many will die by my hand

"What TF2 really stands for is not that micro-transactions are the future. It's this: Games don't have to die any more. Great games can live forever. And you'll get back what you put in."

"about competition"

Desukin: demoman is like
Desukin: playing a retard
Desukin: with no hands

Pyrokanetis: [Playing demo is like... when a retarded kid is trying to grab a ball but he keeps kicking it away as he tries to pick it up.]

"I love the big purple dildo" -Purple

Jaguar 'ring demo: anyway if waffleb is a boy then I'm gay
Jaguar 'ring demo: you can post that in your profile lol
Purrrrrrrrrrrple²: LOL
Purrrrrrrrrrrple²: I SHOULD
Jaguar 'ring demo: do it
Jaguar 'ring demo: faggot
Jaguar 'ring demo: or I will

5:56 PM - young savage: it will be a true story about a jaguar who met a cheetah
5:56 PM - young savage: that lived in the same africa

3:30 PM - Neo: 9-11
3:30 PM - Neo: is what i do
3:30 PM - Jaguar | i knew it
3:30 PM - Neo: just be there jag
3:30 PM - Jaguar | neo did 9-11
3:30 PM - Neo: -_-

12:46 AM - Hedgehog Hero: send me a gay stuff

8:45 PM - VIOLENCE, SPEED, MOMENTUM: I like em petite
8:45 PM - VIOLENCE, SPEED, MOMENTUM: Harder for them to fight back
8:47 PM - Jaguar - lf scrim 930 Thu: screenshotted
8:47 PM - VIOLENCE, SPEED, MOMENTUM: excellent

6:28 PM - charis: and he raped me
6:28 PM - charis: but i liked it
6:28 PM - charis: cus he was honest
6:28 PM - Jaguar - this is going on my profile

There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter. -Ernest Hemingway

Better to die quick
Fighting on your feet
Than to live forever
Begging on your knees

The average demoman experience:

Summary of character customization in TF2, in particular with unusual items (but also applying to any other game with customization such as Rocket League). Remember, people think they look GREAT:

de 1.2 - 8
sc 0.7 - 14
so 0.8 - 12
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but all dicks are gay
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