[Insert real name here]   Pottsville, Pennsylvania, United States
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General Information:

Dont friend me unless ive played with you in-game or know you personally.

Private profiles will be automatically declined.

I will not do trades, so please do not send a trade request.

My besties:

The little asian sister

My boo and my main bitch. ;3

Favorite songs:

Starswirl's Frankenstien- 4everfreebrony(Ft. DragonwolfRooke)
Soldiers of the night-Slyphstorm(Ft. 4everfreebrony & MidnightMelody)
Gorillaz(both Plastic Beach and Demon Days albums)
Spirits-4everfreebrony Ft. Decibelle
Octavia's Overture-Slyphstorm (reimaging TheLivingTombstone)
Chant of immortality-4everfreebrony(Ft. ChiChi)

Slow country-Gorillaz

My profile isnt for your eyes to pry on unless you are just bored.

Some of my more common sayings:

"No you jew."-In reply to any random question.
"What are you, a fucking faggot?"-In reply to something stupid.
"The only skill you had ran down the side of your mother's leg years ago!"-A bind I have to just joke around when someone is being a prick about skill.
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[SK3] A Viking Sep 2 @ 3:04pm 
add me back, b
[KYS] Reecy Sep 2 @ 5:10am 
Oi - I'll have you know I do not taunt after kills first off, I only taunt for dances n whatever
[FGT]CoyCrown26 Sep 2 @ 5:09am 
she doesnt even taunt after kills, bad troll.
[SK3] A Viking Sep 2 @ 5:05am 
Your friend pulled some bullshit on me, ya scrubby