Ghost Rider
Michael Hall   San Antonio, Texas, United States
Hey, fellas, welcome to my profile. My name is Ghost Rider, an agent of the SCP Foundation. If you don't what it is, it's an organization dedicated to the research and containment of anomolous creatues and objects. The unofficial motto is Secure, Contain, Protect.

I'm a gamer and love to play video games. These include SCP: Containment Breach, Five Nights at Freddy's (Keep you hate comments to yourself), Team Fortress 2, Assassin's Creed, Vanish, Warframe, Star Wars, Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo, Sven Co-op, Codename CURE, various Star Wars games, Halo, and several others. I also like playing video games with others, so if you want me to join you, just ask and I will join.

Before I go, I need to say that some SCPs have access to my Steam account, so if you see an SCP designation somewhere, it's not me. The SCPs, in numerical order, that have access to this account are: SCP-035, SCP-049, SCP-079, SCP-096, SCP-106, SCP-191, SCP-513-1, SCP-966-1, and SCP-939-19. There may or may not be more SCPs in the future, but the ones I mentioned do use this account.
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The first rule of survival
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i know this probably dosent matter to anyone, actually im just typing this because im hella bored, but i just leaned forward, farted really hard a nearly broke my spine and 2 chairs in the process..... do i need to see a doctor? wait nevermind i am a doctor
Ghost Rider Nov 10 @ 8:47pm 
I attract peepeedoophiles Nov 10 @ 8:46pm 
It’s best u doont fend out
Ghost Rider Nov 8 @ 6:17pm