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Señor Esperanto 24 lipca o 14:10 
added to ask some questions
Inkvolcano 14 maja o 13:56 
@XJ9 Purely cosmetic... but its fixed :)
Inkvolcano 14 maja o 13:56 
@coba did you use the syntax as described? so start with a ? , then pastebin=pastebincode If you cant figure it out you can add me.
coba 14 maja o 2:52 
Pastebin integration doesn't work
I checked example link, but same result
XJ9 11 maja o 17:26 
Yo mate, you fixed that copy thing, but another problem i forgot to mention - on copy you get popup message like - 20 names where copied into your buffer - the text on that popup is WHITE on the WHITE background, not black, so you only can see the text now if you quickly select the popup text.
XJ9 2 maja o 18:30 
You broke your compare2steam thing, now when i press COPY on the list of games i own/dont own, it doesnt save names only but the whole table