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Inkvolcano 2017년 5월 14일 오후 1시 56분 
@XJ9 Purely cosmetic... but its fixed :)
Inkvolcano 2017년 5월 14일 오후 1시 56분 
@coba did you use the syntax as described? so start with a ? , then pastebin=pastebincode If you cant figure it out you can add me.
coba 2017년 5월 14일 오전 2시 52분 
Pastebin integration doesn't work
I checked example link, but same result
XJ9 2017년 5월 11일 오후 5시 26분 
Yo mate, you fixed that copy thing, but another problem i forgot to mention - on copy you get popup message like - 20 names where copied into your buffer - the text on that popup is WHITE on the WHITE background, not black, so you only can see the text now if you quickly select the popup text.
XJ9 2017년 5월 2일 오후 6시 30분 
You broke your compare2steam thing, now when i press COPY on the list of games i own/dont own, it doesnt save names only but the whole table
YETI 2017년 2월 6일 오후 4시 25분 
nerdchan dot net have same script you have on compare2steam dot com ???