You absolute dickhead, you don't get the point, don't you ? It goes way too far above your manlet's head, way beyond your memey reach, right ? I'm not even insulting you. I'm actually trying to make you understand what Jeff Mangum and Thom Yorke and Sufjan have a hard time teaching you : you are the ultimate pleb, you are way too concerned about what other people think about you. Guess what ? I don't have to justify myself about music because it should be fucking ILLEGAL to hold such a trivial opinion. Kendrick is literaly, L I T E R A L Y the point of music. Do you understand that I'm trying to show you that your memes are embodying your plebness ? This could all have been different. You and I could have been friends, talking about the merits of hip-hop, but no, NO, you just HAD to shit all the way down Kendrick's masterworks because you can't handle music with social consciousness. Guess what moron, Jesus Christ HIMSELF would have listened to Kendrick if he could.
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Elder Titan [] is a strong physical damage dealer who can disable and destroy many heroes at once with his spells. Most of the Elder's abilities revolve around the guardian spirit which aids him in battle.

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