Shelby Spencer   Australia
Cora t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m

My little piece of shit []
She ran into a wall once []
Stretchy and fluffy []
Buttholes 4 All []

Jasmine Free

OZF 16 Open: Unfair Dismasil - Medic
OZF 17 Open: Brian Damaged - Medic
OZF 17 Open Midsummer Cup 2: GG Black - Medic|Scout (3rd)
OZF 18 Open: Winnie the Pooh Watersports - Medic (3rd)

UGC S21 Steel: GG BLACK - Uncle Dane (2nd)

Godly Bolts []

Eat this

2345y: my real brother died
2345y: he had terminal gingertitis
2345y: he was too ginger to function

Helios: alright, supreme over lord and baby dictator of north keanue reeves meow
Helios: have mercy on my soul

kitty kat
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apples Apr 3 @ 10:44am 
If an apple could make a sound, what would it be?
mHHHMMMmmmmmmmmmm Apr 2 @ 6:46am 
"I take my cat for a walk like once or twice a year"-meow 2k17
Lazz Mar 19 @ 10:02pm 
god engie
A Burnt Cheeseburger Mar 14 @ 6:03pm 
woofie Feb 22 @ 10:59pm 
Shelby, you stink.
mHHHMMMmmmmmmmmmm Feb 19 @ 4:07am