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Please post any community business in their respective forum.
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I will never send you an unsolicited trade offer, or add you to provide middleman services. I am very unlikely to add you for any reason, so keep that in mind.

Steam Name: Shadows
Steam ID3: U:1:64817928
Steam ID32: STEAM_0:0:32408964
Steam ID64: 76561198025083656
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1. Before you add me, join my Steam group, Waiting for Shadows and leave a message indicating what you want. If it sounds reasonable or interests me, I'll accept your invite. If you add me without leaving a message, I'll ignore or block you.

2. Please don't ask for free items, pricechecks, my life story or a profile comment. Take or Harpoon Gaming business to their respective forums.

3. If you add me to offer an unusual or other item I have not expressed an interest in anywhere, expect to be lowballed. Hard. Do not ask for more than 70% of the current market value of the item unless it is clearly something I collect. I will also check both you and the item thoroughly, so scammers, sharks and hijackers may as well not bother.

4. If you offer on any item that isn't listed on Outpost, I may consider a drastic overpay (50% or more), but it's unlikely. I enjoy my collection and do not part with things easily. In the case of craft # items, I may trade one for a lower # of the same item, with a crafter's name if mine has one.

5. If you need TF2 items (weapons, hats, crates, paint, keys, etc), visit

Thank you for your consideration and happy trading!
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These are not for sale , but it gives me a place for a message that is near and dear to my heart. Valve, we need more backpack slots. Seriously. The last backpack expansion was in November 2012 and look at all the new things that have been released since then, so many 50+ item updates. We're drowning in a sea of pixels and only you can save us. Make it happen, let us restore order to our packs and we'll always have room in our hearts and wallets for you.
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Federal safety regulations require us to notify you in the event of dangerous testing conditions. This next test features a few obstacles that may qualify, as they can, in rare circumstances, cause sudden death, which will result in an unsatisfactory mark
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We are all mountains.
And they are beautiful.
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