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Welcome to my page
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╔════════════════════════╕About me ╔════════════════════════╕
╠═►Name: Dominik
╠═►Age: 23
╠═►Clan: DejaVu
╠═►Music: Hardstyle, EDM
╠═►Active : Active [x] Inactive [ ]
╟─►Gender: ♂ [x] ♀ [ ]
╠═►Favourite game: Call of Duty: WWII, Cs:Go, GTA:V, Rust, ArmA
╠══════════►Call of Duty: WWII

╠═►Favourite gamemode: Domination & Hardpoint
╠═►K/D: 2.0+
╠═►W/L: 2.5+
╠═►Skill: High
╠══════════►Counter Strike: Global Offensive

╠═►Rank: Legendary Eagle Master
╠═►Favourite Maps: Cache, Cobblestone, Overpass
╠══════════► Why I'm not Cheating

╠═►Reason 1: It's fking stupid?!
╠══════════►If you still think that I´m using hacks, report me idiot...
╠] PC
╠═►CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1800x
╠═►GPU: PowerColor Radeon RX Vega 64 Red Devil
╠═►Motherboard: MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon
╠═►RAM: 16GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB
╠═►Hard Drive: 3TB
╠═►Soundcard: Creative Sound Blaster X Pro Gaming AE-5
╠═►Power Supply: 730 Watt BeQuiet 80+
╠═►OS: Microsoft Windows 10 64bit
╠] Equipment:
╠═►Screen: Asus MG278Q
╠═►Headphones: Sennheiser RS 175
╠═►Microphone: RØDE NT-USB
╠═►Keyboard: Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E 7
╠═►Mouse: Mad Catz R.A.T Pro X

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