Rodrigo Bastos   Lisboa, Portugal
No, i'm not from Pittsburgh, it's a SONG.
TAA & Metallica are love, TAA & Metallica are life.
Luckiest shot of my life

Pittsburgh - by The Amity Affliction
It's like there's cancer in my blood, it's like there's water in my lungs,
I can't take another step, please tell me I am not undone
It's like there's fire in my skin, and I'm drowning from within,
I can't take another breath, please tell me I am not undone

For the old folks, It's LoGa -_-, LOGA, not:
Olga -by Signs and Yogurt
Lola -by Signs
Boga -by Biohazard
Logo -by Toni
Login -by every funny ass I've met.

L-O-G-A. geez.

19:26:18 Pittsburgh: whatcha gonna give me today?
19:26:25 Foxyfluff: a bj :3
19:26:28 Pittsburgh: pls do
19:26:38 Pittsburgh: with a ribbon on your hair and singing happy birthday
19:26:52 Foxyfluff: You have fetishes compatible with mine.
19:26:55 Foxyfluff: Duly noted.

[9~v] MEEM the pyro: i enjoy a good dick but the demo wasn't the kinda dick i like

21:14 - skates: yo i kind of wanna fap
21:14 - skates: so
21:14 - skates: im not playing
21:14 - skates: rip
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Except it's not. It's not the best cheese at all. Provolone is nothing but the cheese haters cheese. There's no enthusiasm there, no passion. Provolone is what children ask for when they don't know what to get so the round one is fine. As someone with 50 years of experience in the cheese industry I find it frankly insulting that you would think provolone is the best cheese. This exeprience uniquely qualifies my to maliciously attack you for your cheese preference. The only way I could figure that you would like provolone more than say, mozzarella or gouda, is that you were a child when you aquired your taste for it and have only regressed into this childlike state for a cheese which, frankly, sucks. I feel sorry for you and anyone you come in contact with. May God have mercy on your provolone loving soul.
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Hey son <3
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hi mom
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matty, no.