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Back when Army of Two first came out, me and my college roommates, suitemates, were all way too into Halo 3 to really care. I didn't even think Army of Two was on my radar in 2008. My college suitemates would sneak into my room while I wasn't there and play Halo 3 without my permission, on my Xbox, but more importantly, they would look at my DVD collection. I had like 215 DVDs in alphabetical order and they would play a cruel joke where they would move two random titles in different places and see how long it would take me to notice. Yeah, I know that says a lot more about me then it does about them, but I could tell every time that was the joke. I would just scan briefly over my DVDs everyday and see if they had taken one was usually the issue wasn't-I wasn't checking to see if they put them out of order, I was checking because they would turn up MISSING. And then I would track them down and find someone across the hallway who borrowed one without asking and what do you know! The DVD is missing from inside of its jewel case! Where did it go? No one knows. Oh I found it, it's in two pieces now. No, I'm not still angry about that.
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