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Do it.
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"I play videogames because they are the only things keeping me apart from drowning in pool of all the endless depressions and shattered hopes" -Reus-2016 xD
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Sergeei425 Aug 14 @ 10:32am 
pubgod Aug 6 @ 7:50am 
ur actions will reflect on you, kicking some1 who starts griefing because he keeps getting blocked bya griefing russian while he is carrying is the worst thing a man can do to someone else. not gonna shit talk cuz im not a little kid but know that what you did is wrong. u can check the demo and see him griefing. im not gonna say idiot or something cuz ur probs actually dumb.
Johnny Quick Aug 4 @ 5:08am 
+rep push mid more with AWP
✪cezar god of apes✪ Aug 4 @ 3:16am 
qbqbq mala bdan howa bodybuilding
✪cezar god of apes✪ Apr 30 @ 12:34pm 
allways i cary you wtf you must know how to aim
0_\\ Mar 7 @ 10:25am 
ur mum luv penisjokes